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Some believe homework should be given everyday, others do not in order to success in school. Discuss

apprajapati 1 / 1  
Jan 8, 2020   #1
This is IELTS essay, any feedback is appreciated to improve my writing.
Is homework necessary for children- some believe it is important while others do not thinking its not necessary to succeed in school. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Homework has been a part of the schooling experience for multiple generations. Is homework necessary for children? It is also a question that has become divisive. Some people think that daily homework is crucial in order to get good grades while others doubt the effectiveness of everyday homework. It is worth taking a deeper look at both views in order to understand each side.

Some people feel that homework is an effective way to reinforce the concepts and lessons that were learned at school. This is perhaps the strongest benefit of homework because it is imperative that students revise what they studied in classroom. Even with the whole day spent at school, allocated class time is not always sufficient when it comes to engaging students with their school work. Setting homework allows students to revise contents learned during the day with a fresh set of eyes and a clear head, away from their friends and schoolyard distractions. Additionally, in recent times curriculums have been growing in terms of length and difficulty, and students typically study about six or seven subjects every day. To completely absorb this much amount of study material, students must have homework so that they can attempt to comprehend what they learned at school by solving homework questions and tasks. For example, a teacher can explain a mathematical equation with few examples, but then because of homework, students can try out the equation to solve homework questions which would help not only to easily remember but also to understand the material. Besides that, homework can improve students' penmanship and cognitive abilities. Students have to write a lot of assignments as a part of their homework which improves their handwriting. Moreover, studies have shown that writing not only helps one to remember but also improves cognitive abilities because it strengthens imagination and requires higher concentration. Daily habit of writing homework would improve student's penmanship, dexterity, and mental abilities. Overall, homework can be really beneficial for children because it improves their understanding of concepts and study contents, writing skills, cognitive abilities which are crucial if they want to earn good grades.

On the contrary, people who believe that homework should not be given to students every day doubt the efficacy of homework. Even though homework is compulsory in schools, there is no guarantee of an improved outcome for students. Although teachers work hard to set homework tasks that will engage their students, it is sometimes difficult to see the value in the assignments your child brings home. Some students may copy their friend's answers to complete their homework which nullifies the benefits of homework. Besides that, the volume of homework for each subject may also mean that students may not be able to dedicate as much time to each task as would be ideal. Moreover, students may complete their homework in order to earn grades; however, there is no point of homework if they are genuinely not interested in learning or understanding a particular subject which is why homework may not be as valuable as it seems in some cases. Furthermore, it eats up the valuable time kids have to spend with their family, attend extracurricular activities and catch up with friends. As a result, homework can be stressful, monotonous, and tiring for children. Apart from that, homework may prevent a child from developing their other skills e.g. social skills, communication skills provided that they spend about sixty percent of the time studying during a day. Schoolwork may also compete with part-time and casual work. Due to these reasons, some parents believe that homework should not be compulsory.

In conclusion, although some students thrive on the homework they receive from their teachers each day, there are also some students that struggle to complete even basic assignments on time because of their home environment. In my opinion, homework can be made beneficial and enjoyable by reducing the quantity and improving the quality of it. I support the idea of homework because the benefits of homework clearly outweigh the drawbacks; however, it is worth noting that it can loss its meaning if not carefully crafted by teachers for their students.

StroggCore - / 3  
Jan 9, 2020   #2
How can you obtain a knowlege if you study ONLY in the school? I think, homework is extremely needed for everyone.
OP apprajapati 1 / 1  
Jan 9, 2020   #3
@StroggCore well thank you for the comment, however, i submitted it for the evaluation of my writing skills, so if you have any feedback, it would be helpful. thanks
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,039 2725  
Jan 14, 2020   #4
Woah! The essay has way too many words in it for you to complete your response, with time to review and edit, within 40 minutes. Aim for 250 - 300 words. No more, no less if you want to be able to have time to proof read before submitting your essay for a grade. Believe me, the proof reading is imperative for ESL writers taking this test. You lack the topic statement or thesis statement at the end of your introduction. You should have indicated what your opinion will be in direct response to the prompt question. That would show that you clearly understood the topic and instructions for the essay, which in turn would boost your TA score. No more than 5 sentences for each paragraph if you please. You are not writing a research paper, you are under a time constraint here. Long essays will not guarantee a passing score because your essay still has to be scored based upon the rubic. It isn't just about vocabulary and sentence presentations. It's about how well you can quickly and properly express yourself in English.

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