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Some believe that importing foreign movies and TV programs is beneficial for their country's culture

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Nov 12, 2021   #1

Some people think that it is good for a country's culture to import foreign movies and TV programmes

Many people believe that importing foreign movies and TV programmes is beneficial for their country's culture. While others suppose that producing these domestically is a better way. In this essay, I will discuss both views and, however, in my opinion, I claim that in order to bring back many benefits for a country, the two of them are necessary.

To begin with, foreign movies and TV programmes play a significant role in a country's development. At first, these foreign productions can expand people's eyes about the world. In other countries, there are other landscapes, other traditions, and a lot of other things we can learn. Their streets, their dwellings, their food, and their human. We can change the way we perceive them and make our minds more objective. Likewise, we can study and enrich our culture depending on the constant creation and evolvement. Thus, foreign shows are indispensable.

In parallel, producing local movies and TV programmes are also extremely important. Nowadays, there is a section of society that does not care about the unique tradition of their country and runs after foreignism. Recognizing the reality that foreign movies are much more preferable, the local government should pay more attention to their movie industry. The first benefit is these movies are educational, we can be educated on our honorable history to nurture patriotism. In addition, in order to develop the economy and tradition of the country. The second benefit is that when a country's movie industry has been evolved, the opportunity to popularize our culture will be expanded. Hence, producing domestic movies and programmes both contribute to economic stimulus and publicizing tradition.

In the final analysis, the better way for a country's culture is not only to import foreign movies or produce these locally, both of them are necessary.

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Nov 13, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement was acceptable because you had a template to base it on. However, when you are asked to formulate an original opinion, you lose control of thought clarity and sentence structure. Your personal opinion is so confusing, it does not make any sense to the examines / reader.

The discussion paragraphs are all incorrectly based on the writer's personal opinion alone, as evidenced by the constant use of the first person-group pronoun" we in the paragraphs. The writer should first present a general discussion based on third person - group pronouns and then present a personal opinion of the public opinion. The essay does not fully follow the discussion requirements. Scores will not be fully applied because the discussion presentation is only partially applicable to the discussion format requirement.
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Nov 13, 2021   #3
I suggest the opening paragraph as follows:
Opinions are divided on whether the culture of a nation benefits more from purchasing movies and TV shows from overseas or creating them domestically. From my perspective, however, although some people consider importing the international films and shows beneficial, I believe that domestic producers should also invest in these.
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Nov 14, 2021   #4
Thank you for helping me! It's a meaningful instruction :)

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