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It is believed that society evolves faster if poeple will break the chain of past traditions

j0NZICH 3 / 4  
Oct 17, 2021   #1

Society advances most when people break from the traditions of their predecessor

It is believed that society evolves faster if poeple will break the chain of past traditions. I agree with this belief because of several reasons which will be listed in this essay.

First and foremost, old traditions are sometimes will not express views of younger traditions. For example, the notion about that young poeple must listen to their parents before choosing their lovers has been prevalent in Asian countries. Adhering to this rools can bring some issues in future family since poeple who will be bounded up together will not know each others prior to the wedding. This can lead to luckluster relationship between partners and have negative impact on their childrens. In addition, in some situations our old traditions are so deap-seated that we shun to think about other ways to do a particular job. For instance, it is not a secret that youth have to seek assistance from olders since it is often believed that the latter has more life-experience and wisdom. Hence, there are a lot of cases when youngsters did not speak up, albeit they had a better solution to a problem.

Second think which I should mention is that diversity of traditions can bring new ideas and spark the beginning for the breakthroughs. Many studies have shown that new idias are established when poeple commence somethink new from their counterparts and not in a cluster of poeple who do the same thinks like them. Furthemore, homogeneity of poeple will affect the environment in which they reside, thus their future objectives and plans. Going out the box and doing somethink unique will help to succeed in the world where people often connected to beliefs which they accept with out any doubts and do not want to taste them

To sum up, I see no reason to obey traditions which are established in the past since they can be incompatible with modern movements.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,672 4113  
Oct 23, 2021   #2
This topic is used as a basic writing exercise by ESL students. It does not use an agree or disagree response format. Rather, it uses a general opinion from the writer to compare 2 opposite opinions. However, you have chosen to create a personally styled prompt for this essay. I will review it as such.

several reasons

This reference means more than 2 reasons. When only 2 references are used the descriptive word "couple" meaning no more than 2 is used. Familiarize yourself with number references to avoid future reference/meaning errors.

Second think

Proofreading error. The result of careless writing and lack of English vocabulary familiarity. The correct reference is " thing".

There are more word usage and spelling errors in this presentation that will lead to a failing LR and GRA score. The writer should practice editing and proofreading his work next time and also, work on improving his vocabulary in relation to word usage. This is very sloppy work that shows a lack of interest in learning to properly use the English language.

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