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The beneficial elements and the drawbacks of advertisements

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Mar 25, 2020   #1
Task 2:



There is a substantial amount of advertisements amongst the globalizing society as if they are turning to be a regular basis. Notwithstanding the fact that it can consist of both the merits and demerits, I would say the advertising projects are doing great jobs by looking at their original targets. This essay will take the beneficial elements and the drawbacks of advertisements into detailed considerations.

On the first hand, publicity campaigns have fulfilled their prestigious missions up until now. There is no doubt that those organizations using the innovating methods to approach their consumers have witnessed a significant surge of interest and reputations. Conversely, consumers also gain many advantages to their buying habits. For instance, a person can find his or her product of the finest quality based on the marketing campaign of a trustworthy provider. In return, that retailer will have more people using their products and services, hence that company can smoothly strengthen its value and create more profits. Advertisements can play a crucial role in connecting the consumers and spread out useful pieces of information.

However, due to the tremendous quantity of advertisements, people can be easily misguided by fake information. Spectacular words and colorful images on a commercial project have no difficulties in catching peoples' attention, therefore, those people can be abused or tricked to pay for unnecessary products or poor qualified manufacturing outcomes. That unspeakable misdirection must not be accepted and has to be boycotted at all costs.

In general, advertising campaigns are created in order to influence the commercial transactions of the society and further develop the wealth of people. But every wellbeing must pay attention not to be exploited.

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Mar 25, 2020   #2
The discussion approach for this essay is a single opinion based defense of your opinion. That means, you respond to the question by choosing one opinion to defend. You do not need to compare the pros and cons because the essay is asking you to make a specific decision. Either you view this as a positive OR negative development. You cannot view it as both. Since you are not being asked to do a comparison discussion, a clear stand on the given topic must be made. Otherwise, you will score no higher than a 2 in the TA section based on not having a clear opinion on the topic. As such, you will pull down your overall scoring potential. It isn't wise to change the discussion parameters by doing a comparative discussion when the instructions clearly state that you must pick one side only to present as your discussion basis in the 2 reasoning paragraphs of your opinion essay.

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