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Without the benefit of planning, people are likely to make uninformed decisions

jhundais 4 / 5  
Jul 5, 2012   #1

I have some sentences or expressions in my essay that I am not quite sure if they are right.
I did my research, but I am still not so sure if they are correct. I marked them in boldface.
I wonder if there are better ways of conveying what I am trying to say.
Can anyone go over them and tell me the right way to say things?

Thanks in advance!

Prompt: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
The decisions that people make quickly are always wrong.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

My response:

People nowadays seem to agree, to some degree, that quick decision making skills are vital for their success, as the world around them changes very quickly. They often argue that making decisions quickly enables them to capitalize on opportunities. However, a closer examination of their claims reveals that decisions made in a hurry often cause more problems than they solve: hasty decisions can cause unforeseen problems and decisions once made are irreversible.

Hasty decisions can cause numerous unforeseen problems in the future. Without the benefit of planning, people are more likely to make uninformed decisions. Their decisions may appear to be reasonable in terms of few years when, in reality, they may cause serious issues in the long-run. To be specific, our family suffered a huge financial loss precisely because of an uninformed decision made by my father. Ten years ago, when my parents were looking for an apartment, an employee from a well-established real-estate agency persuaded my dad to buy an apartment. The employee lured him into buying the apartment by offering exclusive deals, such as a twenty percent discount. He threatened my father that it will be sold to someone else if he does not hurry. As a result, he purchased the apartment immediately without consulting others. We all thought that he made the right decision until we tried to sell our apartment to move into a new house a decade later. We discovered that it's price took a nose dive shortly after purchasing it: it's price was almost halved in less than a year. As we can see, hasty decisions can cause numerous problems in the long-run.

Apart from numerous problems they can cause, hasty decisions are also irreversible once they are made. Decisions affect our lives permanently. In other words, wrong decisions can leave permanent scars on our lives. This is why decisions made in a hurry without careful planning can be harmful. In addition, it is almost impossible to undo our decisions once they are made. For example, my friend, Bill, bought a very expensive two-seater sports car, Lexus, out of his love for sports car in his late twenties. Little did he know that he would get married a year later and have a baby. As he was paying for his car in installments over five years, he could not afford to buy another car suitable for a family of three. His marriage was ruined for he and his wife would argue about his car all the time. His impulsive decision to buy a two-seater resulted in an undo-able nightmare. In this sense , decisions have to be made very carefully as they are irreversible.

To conclude, not only are hasty decisions harmful, but also they are irreversible. In this regard, I feel that it is always wrong to make decisions in a hurry. Hasty decisions will cause many people to waste their time and money. People should be careful not to make decisions too quickly.

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