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Essay about the benefits of completing university course for guarantee to get a good job

nqthienan123 1 / -  
Mar 24, 2020   #1

good degrees equal a good job

For the time being modernised, having a sustainable work is really important for everyone when dealing with job market especially these guarantees. Therefore, many people believe that if guarantees want to have good job, they certainly need to finish their course in university. However, there is also a slight disagreement that it isn't very essential because some fields do not need university's degrees. In my opinion, it is really vital for guarantees to attend university and earn degrees because of its benefits.

Firstly, there is a variety of job which require students to have certifications and specific knowledge such as: doctors, nurses, police.....If they choose one of those, it means they will try their best to study at university and finish perfectly to receive degrees. Guarantees can't learn those by themselves at home or work outside to accumulate experience. In this case, they certainly get many troubles because nobody can hire an untechnical doctor or engineer to work. What if, there is a range of serious results that declines the development of society dramatically.

Secondly, having degrees is actually important for everyone to get the jobs. As we know, there are many companies built with a view to developing significantly ever overpowering market in status quo. Unsurprisingly, they certainly require guarantees to have full of degrees when applying to. For example, high language proficiency level is really vital when working in language's field or programming and controlling computer skills for information technology field. In this case, having many good degrees is the only way that helps students to prove that they have ability and mandatory skills to take over this job. As a result, their promoting chance won't be out of reach and not only do they work in a company but they also receive many offers of other companies.

Thirdly, starting work after school is quite risky and challenging. The job's chance is really limited because they can just become mechanic or business workers and something like that. However, if they don't finish their job well, they won't make any progress, seriously, having difficulties in ensuring their income to support their life. Nevertheless, we can deny that there are many people who have a lot of valuable skills without any degrees become unexpectedly successful. They are so extraordinary but they are minority of people who don't attend universities. How about us? What if when we belong to the rest.

In short, earning degrees is absolutely essential for guarantees when living in this modern age. Therefore, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that "good degrees" means "having good chance to get good jobs"

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,801 2612  
Mar 25, 2020   #2
Do you actually think that you can write 434 words during the actual test? Did you even bother to set the timer when you started this practice test to make sure you could write a proper essay with proof reading, editing, and content finalization within 40 minutes? Or, did you just decide to keep writing, not considering the required writing parameters for this essay? You were given information about the time limit for a reason, you were given a reasoning paragraph discussion outline for a purpose, both of which you disregarded in relation to this essay presentation.

You did not discuss the essay in the required format for the reasoning paragraphs:
- Need college to get a good job
- Don't need college to get a good job
- Personal opinion

I know, you will say, "I did just that!" and, I will not contradict you. However, you did just that, based on your personal opinion, rather than a public point of view comparison discussion. Why did you end up making that mistake? Well, when you decided that you would present a personal opinion as the last sentence in the paraphrase paragraph, which is a no-no, you forced yourself to make that error in the discussion format. So what format should the discussion have been in? Definitely not a numerical paragraph listing. It should have used POV reference words as topic sentence openers in the paragraphs. That means the discussion format should have been:

Based on an analysis of the reasons why people support the discussion that a college degree will result in a good job for the graduate, it appears that...Traditionally...

However, there are non-college graduates who have been successful in getting jobs based on their own merits or skills. People such as ... are not college graduates and yet... That is why they advocate...

Comparing both the aforementioned reasons, I have been led to support the point of view that... From my personal observations...

Remember, you cannot present a point of view at the start since you have not done a comparison discussion of the two public points of view yet. The formula for this writing is:

POV 1 + POV2 = Analysis of the discussion topic
Analysis + Personal knowledge = Personal opinion

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