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Benefits and drawbacks of studying overseas

Sep 9, 2020   #1

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

There's an undeniable fact that a vast number of students choose to acquire school overseas nowadays. For me, be educated aboard provide a lot of advantages for learners who want to get cultural experiences and attend to high-quality education. However, it also has its own perk like the high cost of living, terror, etc. I will give some shred of evidence that advocate my outlook.

In the beginning, it's true that receiving a foreign education indeed brings a wide range of benefits for students because it's a well-rounded education. Firstly, scholars have the chance to make friends with people from over the world and since then, they are exposed to various cultures. For instance, it will be lots of fun to be friends with foreign guys and then you'll be surprised day by day when discovering their traditions from each of them for sure. Also, living and studying directly from abroad certainly is the best way to learn a new language by practice that language regularly. Therefore, I firmly believe that the capability of using language will be enhanced and more natural. Besides, students can learn valuable skills like self-made, teamwork, and participate in many extracurricular activities.

Nonetheless, be a student of studying overseas have drawback either. The living expenses may be higher than the metropolis, especially some countries in Europe. For example, the living cost, tuition and the tax of America are much higher than Vietnam, so Vietnamese students staying in this state might have financial difficulties. Some quit university because they can afford the school fee. In addition, the unsecured also is a persistent problem such as terror, diseases can occur suddenly. A specific example, the Covid-19 widespread strongly in Europe and international students infected by this disease cannot be able to pay for medical treatment and passed away in foreign country.

To sum up, learning overseas have both advantages and disadvantages. Students currently have more opportunities to go aboard and for me, it's an amazing choice to acquire education abroad.

I really want to receive your comments. Thanks a lot!

jackjixam13 4 / 7 4  
Sep 10, 2020   #2
One thing that I noticed in your essay that you write in the same way as you speak. Such as: etc, lots of fun, for sure... I don't think it's approriate in formal writing.

Some grammatical errors:
be educated aboard provides a lot
by practicing that language regularly
have drawbacks either

Hope this helps ^^
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,317 2868  
Sep 10, 2020   #3
You only have 40 minutes for the Task 2 essay. It would be better if you get used to writing only within 275-290 words. That way you leave yourself time to edit your writing mistakes. From what I can tell, you know several English words, but you are not familiar with the meaning of the words. You ended up using the words in the wrong context / manner. Which, because you did not correct through editing of the final version, will lower your LR score. Errors in in your word usage include:

perk - benefit ( you are mentioning negatives so you should have said dangers, drawbacks, negatives, etc.)
Shred of evidence = very little to no evidence ( you should have just said evidence)

I know you are trying to impress the examiner with your knowledge of English idioms, phrases, and other word usage references. The problem, is that you are not familiar with how to use the words properly. The way it is used in a sentence helps to clear information for the reader. In this case though, you are confusing the reader due to the error in word usage / word reference.

I suggest that you learn how to use English phrases and idioms properly first. Familiarize yourself by reading about the meaning then looking at various examples of how to use the reference in a sentence. If you cannot do that properly, your essay is bound to get a failing LR and C&C score. Aside from these obvious errors, you also have clarity, formality, punctuation, and other vocabulary issues in the essay. Writer shorter essays so you can focus on the editing and proof reading of your paper. By avoiding errors in your writing as much as possible, you should be able to get a better score.

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