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Benefits and drawbacks of working from home (IELTS)

kishki 1 / -  
Jul 21, 2015   #1
Information technology enables many people to do their work outside their workplace (e.g at home, when traveling, etc)
Do the benefits of this mobility outweigh the disadvantage?

The latest achievements in the field of informational technology have a great impact on our life. The variety of applications and devices like laptops and tablets makes it easier to stay in touch with relatives and colleagues, also allowing us to do a major part of our job at home or in travel.

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to work at home instead of office. We usually spend a lot of time on driving to office, staying in traffic jams and getting back home, while working from home we can spend this time with our family. Also for a lot of young moms and people with disabilities this is the only chance to earn money.

However, informational technology can be also a great help in other fields of our life. Such universities like MIT, Harvard and Cambridge upload videos of the lectures in internet, giving people from all over the world a great chance to study. Finally, students with high level of self-discipline can greatly benefit from studying at home because of the less distracting conditions.

Despite all these advantages, we can't deny some drawbacks of working at home. A lack of speaking with other people can result in further problems with working in team. Some people can begin to feel isolated. In this case, the only solution is to chat with other people as much as it possible.

Eventually, sedentary lifestyle can cause significant problems with health. While working outside we still have to perform some activity, at home the only way to stay healthy is taking regular exercise.

Clearly, modern technology keeps influencing our lives positively, but we have to use it wisely. That can be done by following simple rules like making breaks while working at computer and don't lose the touch with friends and colleagues.

According to the question, can I write about using modern technology for distance studying as I did in the 3rd paragraph?

lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jul 21, 2015   #2
I can help you with your essay. I think you should form a new sentence when you discuss how technology enables us to work anywhere. Ex: "This allows us...".

The next paragraph you would also benefit by forming another sentence too. Ex:" However, while working from home we can spend this time with our family." Place a comma after "Also" and "disabilities".

The third paragraph you can simple state "can be a great help". Change in internet to "on the internet". This is great information because some people may work and go to school to get a better position. You can use distance education if you explain how modern technology can help professionals as they are working and continuing their education to advance in their career. Change level to levels.

Place "a" before sedentary and "one's" before health. Change part of this sentence to:.. "but at home the only way to stay healthy is to exercise regularly".

The last sentence should be apart of the last paragraph. There are some missing words. Change part of this sentence to:"... taking breaks while working at the computer and not losing touch..."
indirectMW 1 / 5  
Jul 21, 2015   #3
Pro to working from home is you get to go to the toilet without asking for permission and you can also eat self made burrito hamburgers as you please!

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