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Do the benefits of studying abroad outweigh the drawbacks? Opportunities for career.

AlexHoang 1 / -  
May 1, 2020   #1

Is Studying abroad better?

Studying aboard is a generally popular phenomenon among most students. I believed that will make a better opportunity to get a job in the future. However, I think still having benefits and drawbacks which need to be considered.

Many students choose to study aboard because they want to increase the opportunity to look for a job greater in a particular foreign country. Offering better training courses and high-quality facilities have been attractive. They may have also more prestigious than universities in the student's city with experts in the fields. Therefore by studying aboard with qualification gain aboard can open doors to a better opportunity job. Living a foreign country can broaden students' horizons . an overseas student is exposed to different cultures and customs and having so much knowledge as understanding correctly about humanity and their life. And of course, regarding learning foreign will improve day by day because they can immerse themselves in a language

On the other hand. Living away from home can be challenging and they fell homesick and miss their families and that can be a bad effect on the results of studying. students also facing a lot of problems related to visa applications or problems in the embassy office. The language barrier is difficult because at first of during time in the aboard students struggle to connect and understand together. They run into a trouble financial issues pay for accommodation fees and electricity bill. Sometimes they experience the culture and having difficulty finding integration.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of studying abroad, in terms of better universities and great opportunities for future careers, do outweigh the drawbacks.

Thanks for your help!

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
May 1, 2020   #2
Before anything else, you have to decide if you believe that the topic offers more benefits than drawbacks. Indicate that opinion as the thesis statement of your essay and discuss your opinion based on that. This essay is to be discussed from the first person point of view because you are directly being asked for your opinion regarding the subject of the essay. There is actually a format for the discussion / reasoning paragraphs:

- The topic sentence should be the drawback you want to discuss
- The next sentence should be a disagreement to the topic sentence. Explain why it is a benefit instead of a drawback.
- Follow up with a reason for your disagreement
- Give an example to support your disagreement
- Add an explanation to further support your opinion

Doing this over 2 paragraphs will allow you to present a fully developed discussion that focuses on 2 topics in relation to the benefit and drawback discussion. By composing a combined reasoning sentence, you will have a better chance of presenting a balanced mix of simple and complex sentences. The format also allows you to show the examiner how well you understood the topic and that you have enough control over the English language to develop a strong paragraph.

The current essay does not really adhere to the TA requirements and the discussion paragraphs are in need of better representation. The explanations are not very clear and the topic, as discussed, becomes confusing to understand because you did not really respond to the TA requirements are dictated by the original prompt.

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