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The best way to improve health is to exercise regularly. To what extent do you agree?

sangtt04 1 / -  
Sep 11, 2016   #1
Everyone knows clearly that exercise is very healthy for them. Doing exercise frequently is really a good method to upgrade healthiness. In many ways, it helps body's weight, general health and state of mind to be better.

If people often exercise, they will control and keep their weight stably. Physical activities help them to use a lot of calorie. Exercises can be not only sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton and so on but also jogging, walking instead of using elevator. Regular exercise can improve muscle strength, and enhance the body's endurance. According some recently researches, exercises and physical activities help body to provide nutrient and oxygen fully to the cells. Therefore, cardiovascular system will work more effectively, people have more energy to do others daily activities. Another effect on doing exercise is to get mood better. In fact, simple action like walking for 30 minutes every day can help people relax and decrease stressful after a long workday. Moreover, going out to take part in activities is an opportunity to enjoy scenery or relate with other members in family. As a result, people can rest easily and this sleep will be deeper after doing exercise.

In conclusion, regular exercise is the amazing way to get a healthy body and happy mood so people should do exercise about 30 minutes each day. People also should choose kind of exercise that be suitable for age group and habitus

Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Sep 11, 2016   #2

Your text will sound better if you apply the following adjustments to it:

for them [...] people (?)
Doing exerciseExercisingfrequently...
good method to upgrade healthiness. [...]a good strategy for staying healthy.
it helps [...] to improve...
often exercise [...] exercise often, they will be able to stay in good physical shape.
to useburn calories.
Regular exercise [...] By exercising regularly, people can improve...
According to some recent...
helpone'sbody to ensure the steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to its cells.
to do others [...] to indulge in other daily activities.
is to get mood better [...] is the improvement of one's mood.
help people to.... and feel much less stressed out after...
going out to take part in activities [...] leading a physically active lifestyle...
and thistheir sleep...
that will bebe suitable for whatever happened to be their age.

I hope this helped. Regards.
heliosmusic - / 1  
Sep 12, 2016   #3
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