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It is better for children to begin learn a foreign language at primary school than at secondary

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Mar 27, 2016   #1
Some people think it is better for children to begin to learn a foreign language at primary school than at secondary school. What is your opinion? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

As it is commonly understood that foreign languages is essential for young generation to recognize diversity. Some people believe that it is better for toddlers to start to learn foreign language early when they entered elementary school than at secondary school. In my opinion, I would argue that this leads to more merits than demerits.

The first positive effect is that student is more expert to speak foreign language when they grow up. This is because they have enough time to observe and adapt with foreign language. According to United Nations data, more than 53,000 students who obtain the foreign language material in elementary school domineered and have more fluently rather than middle-level education. It is impressive that time can influence the way people learn by practicing international linguistic day-by-day.

In addition, it will stimulate the brain by practicing foreign language began with basic due to the fact that children is easily memorizing the word that they recognize early. For instance, according to research conducted by NewScientist, pupils can distinguish 150 words per day by memorizing in which the storage of brain can save some various words in early age. As a result, they have strong memory and have good-responsive to capture a variety of words. Undoubtedly, basic education in early level of school is a foundation to be easily to develop the expertise.

However, a negative side to this establishment is children have less concentration to accept the lecture. This is because they tend to spend their time to play rather that to learn. Most young generation in UK spend their leisure to play video online which affect the intensity of learning. It is different from student who learns foreign language in secondary school, and they tend to be focus on thinking critically to find another way to learn.

To sum up I believe that the advantages of learning foreign language in primary school outweigh the disadvantages. This trend should be encouraged so that country around the world can continue to run this system.

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