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It is better for children to start learning English language at primary school already

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Nov 15, 2017   #1
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.
Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

English as the second language

To have the second language is important in 21st century especially the globalization is expanding so fast and accelerating non-stop. Besides the basic element to interact with others is to talk or to use body language. Since the developed countries such as the United State, UK, Australia and so on are sharing the same communication system, which is English. It's pointless to prove learning a second language is respectively important in the Eastern world.

Do you remember how did you learn your original language at the first place? It is "imitating", no matter the accent, the up and down tones, the gestures when you are speaking are all came from imitating at the first step. But this is kind of hard to happen to an adult, but to children is a totally different story. Since children didn't build any sense of meaning of vocabulary yet, so you can observe that infants are all good at copying their parents' voice and sentence.

By any chance, if you start to learn another language too late, your procedure of absorbing will be interfered by the original language that you have already learned. For example, there are huge different between Japanese and English, from the pronunciation to the construction of a sentence. The style and tones are not the same. Japanese prefer to speak politely, but the American keen to go straight forward. So when a Japanese is learning English in secondary school who will face a high entry obstacle for sure, because it is easy to be confused with the Japanese language logic he/she have already build.

In conclusion, if children learn foreign languages as young as possible, they are able to establish the basic sense of languages in a natural way. Furthermore when they change the mode between original language and second language could be easier, besides that, they have a better chance to express themselves clearly with better foreign accent and tones. Children are better off beginning to learn a foreign language at primary school or even younger, rather than secondary school.
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Nov 15, 2017   #2
@al50332 Your opening paraphrase is off course, your discussion paragraphs do not follow the required information presentation, and you are basically, discussing a topic of your own design based on the original prompt. In other words, you did not write an essay that can be considered as passing because it totally separated from the original presentation and discussion expectations.

The first paragraph is not in step with the instructions for discussing the Task 2 essay. The opening statement is required to represent your understanding of the prompt discussion, instruction, and presentation requirements. It is not meant for you to being a serious discussion of the prompt requirement, or what you thought the prompt requirement was. Since this is your first posting at this forum, I will assume that you are self-studying because you are nowhere near showing the capabilities of a person enrolled in IELTS review classes or even, a person preparing for the IELTS from books.

Here is the proper format:

Paragraph 1 - Paraphrasing
Paragraph 2-4 body of paragraphs requiring evidence and supporting statements for your presentations.
Paragraph 5 - Concluding summary of the discussion

The paraphrase for this prompt is:

There are two professional ideas concerning learning a secondary language among children. The first idea is that they must learn the foreign dialect in primary school. The other idea, is that the training of a child in the use of a different language is best done in secondary school. As most experts believe in the prior idea, this essay will discuss why the advantages of this idea counterbalance its disadvantages.

From this personal paraphrasing, you should then begin to discuss the reasons why learning the language in primary school is far better than learning the language in secondary school. Unfortunately, none of your current discussions come anywhere near the expected line of reasoning so the essay will get a failing score.

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