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What is better: participating in different outdoor activities or just spending time at home?

QuynhAnhHo 1 / -  
Apr 25, 2018   #1

indoor vs outdoor activities

Living style has been a controversial issue attracting much social concern, especially in this current developing society. Some are in favor of participating in outdoor activities, whereas others show their great interest in spending time at home. Personally, I hold the strong belief in the advantages of the former.

In the first place, what I put on my priority is working efficiency. It cannot be denied that taking part in outside activities creates opportunities for meeting new people possessing different background. Apparently, they are encouraged to extensively enhance their knowledge and broaden their understanding as interacting and working with a diversity of people. Some hobbies in common or some information that both are seeking are outstanding examples of usefulness when meeting new friends. Especially, establishing new social relationships not only benefits their personal knowledge but also strengthens their future careers, motivating them to augment their working proficiency. For example, I enjoy almost all outdoor activities such as riding my bike, running and playing basketball. Obviously, I am certain to activate my body and energy, boosting the immune system and ensuring the healthy mind and body. In additions, I stand a golden chance to relax with my friends from school and build up relationships with kids in my neighborhood. They play a key role in my development as companying in exploring the outside world and sharing thoughts and feelings. With no doubt, working performance is highly likely to be making progress.

In the second place, skills development holds no less importance contributing to this essence. On the other hand, some might say that time consuming and energy wasting are the big cost of outdoor activities. They firmly believe that doing housework and home-atmosphere is far better because of saving tons of times and preventing risky accidences outside. Therefore, participating in outdoor activities is thought to badly destroy human future. However, it is not necessarily the case. In fact, going out is not really a waste of time. It just occupies the reasonable amount of leisure time. Furthermore, changing environment provokes new ideas and promotes creativity that significantly improves working quality as saving time and efforts. More importantly, to eliminate time-shortage, they are forced to manage and schedule their time effectively and wisely to satisfy both the required tasks and personal enjoyment. Gradually, their time management skill is certain to be strengthened. Besides, avoiding accidence compensates for the development and sharpening of personal skill and professional abilities to possess a balanced and healthy life. This, in the long run, betters living standards and individual developments. Beyond any doubt, the idea that going outside will harm the human future is often possible to end in collapse.

In summary, regardless of any obstacle might come along with playing outdoor, working efficiency and skills development are two convincing reasons for my preference. It is highly recommended that everyone should carefully take my writing into detailed consideration to adopt an effective decision on where to spend their free time.
curiouscat 1 / 2  
Apr 26, 2018   #2
for me, your essay is well organized. there may be some grammatical errors like:

In additions, I stand a ...
... development as companying companions in exploring ... sharing of thoughts ...

... might say that time consuming and energy ... outdoor activities are time-consuming and can be a waste of energy.

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