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[TOEFL] better to have rules about clothing that people wear at school or workplace

jostar 6 / 13  
Aug 4, 2011   #1
Topic: It's better to have rules about the type of clothing that people wear at schools or in their workplace. Agree or Disagree?

It has been a long-term debate on whether students should wear uniforms on campus and the reasons to this controversy are various. Admittedly, this sort of united form would render some benefits to the school administrators, since it is one of best ways to encourage conformity. Students would be not likely to disagree with others due to this peer pressure. However, it is individualism and liberal thinking that schools should deliver, promote, and embrace, not those conformity ideas. When entering into the school campus, students are supposed to be aware of the multi-cultural factors of the campus, starting from the costume of the passengers, to different types of organizations and communities. The information that the educational institutions should deliver will be like: we are living in a society of different opinions and ideas, from which creativity and imagination would emerge. As in the film named "Wave", school educators are trying to teach students the concept of Fascism, by turning the classroom into a Nazi type. Students in the movie are forced to wear same white shirts and blue jeans. They find it interesting at the beginning, and perceive the united force as energy for better study. But once you are involved into this situation, it is extremely difficult to let go, since gradually the class would eliminate whole types of dissent, and cheer up as being a united group. While the instructors tried to dismiss the community, resistance started and one guy got killed in the conflict in the end. Yes, it cannot be denied the same-clothing issue does have its merits, but clearly the drawbacks it raises outweigh the benefits.

However, the point of view varies regarding other particular occupations, such as police officer, and judge, etc. Uniforms of the police officials stand for the order of the society, and their presence would certainly benefit the public transportations. There is a typical plot in the work of film director Pierre Etaix. One guy need to park his car on the street, but there is no empty position remained, so he tried to park the car in an illegal position in that he is in the middle of a crisis, therefore really hurried. Then one person appeared, sitting in a café besides the parking lot, and asking him to stop. The hurried guy smiled at him, saying that I really apologize for this behavior, but I have no choice. But when the person in the café started to take out his police uniform lying on the chair, putting on the police hat, the hurried guy realized that it is a police officer who he is dealing with, and had to drive his car away to other places immediately, without any complaint. The effectiveness of uniforms in some cases will give you unexpected convenience.

Therefore, I shall conclude that we need to prohibit the rules of types of clothing on campus, however, the criteria should be adapted when dealing with some special occupations.

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