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IELTS Task 2: The better selection for improving life quality in developing countries

coke 14 / 28 13  
Mar 18, 2019   #1


Some people think that introducing new technology can improve people's quality of life in developing countries. However, others believe that free education should be offered. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Opinions differ as to whether advanced technology or free education should be offered to increase the life quality of citizens living in developing countries. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and deliver a personal view.

To start with, people's life can indeed be improved by high technology. Since the introduction of the internet, citizens of developing countries have been enabled to regain connection to their relatives from far. Unlike in the past, individuals are now able to see their family members more frequently without spending time and money in traveling. Obviously, people are happier when they see their children every day. Furthermore, the appliance of technology in the medical field has helped prevent many diseases. For example, the high rate of stage-4 cancer in developing countries has been significantly reduced since the appearance of CT scan system. Early diagnose of these diseases makes treatments easier and thus, lengthens life expectancy.

On the other hand, offering education free of charge should also be considered since it raises citizens' happiness by bringing equality to society. At the moment, the vast majority of the population are not able to afford fundamental education for their children. This is an unfair situation where the poor cannot obtain knowledge to fulfill their dreams despite their capacity to learn. As a consequence, social unrest occurs. With cost-free education system, everyone has the same opportunity to study to prepare for their future. Knowing that no one is more advantageous than another, citizens will accept their background, start studying for their own sakes and become happier.

In my opinion, giving out the study opportunity to all citizens in developing countries should be considered first. This is because, as of now, a massive number of poor children have a low living condition as they do not have a fair chance to learn and earn a better life.

In conclusion, while advanced technology is no doubt beneficial to individuals' quality of life, offering free education should be considered first for its wide-range effect.

Hammy 13 / 35  
Mar 19, 2019   #2
Obviously, people are happier when ... => i just think the sentence is unnecessary, to replace, you can mention about convenience of the technology to support the previous sentence.

... studying for their own sakes and become happier => can you make it clearer? as no longer be shy and become self-confident...
that's my help

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