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Bill Gates finding about effective method of teaching

mdamanhuri77 22 / 35 3  
Sep 27, 2016   #1
Everyone need a coach to enhance our quality of doing something. Every people need a feedback, that is the way we improve . however, only a few group of people almost know a sistematically feedback to help them to do their job better. Trake teachers as the example, over 90 per cent teachers always give particular feedback in one word, "satisfactory".

When the teachers say it was satisfactory, Bill Gates said that he had no hope to be better. Our teachers deverse better and how we can help teachers to ehance their skills and performance. C hina is the best rank in reading proficiency because they give a adequate feedback and measure properly to the teachers as well as, of course, the teachers give feedback to the students.

Why it was so important? Because there are so many factors, teachers has their asses and evaluate their tudents to give a feedback to set up the best curriculume as methods in teaching.
lisa21e 1 / 7 2  
Jan 1, 2017   #2
Hi, I like the beginning of your essay, but i think you should talk more about how bill gates involved in and how did he change it. Hope this may help.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,721 3789  
Jan 1, 2017   #3
Mohammad, I am not sure about how to review your essay. That is because you failed to provide the prompt requirement that accompanied the response that you wrote. Is this something that belong to an IELTS, TOEFL, or any other educational qualifying exam practice test? Or are you responding to a specific college application prompt? My response and advice to what you have written will depend upon the kind of purpose that this essay was written for. That, depends upon the prompt you have been given.

I feel like there is much more to Bill Gate's representation in the essay than what you have here at the moment. Is this supposed to be an article summary? If so, please provide the link. Your essay doesn't reflect the kind of discussion that your chosen title implied the reader would have learned if he had opted to read your essay from beginning to end. Please provide the additional information soon so that a more relevant review of your essay can be made.

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