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BLACK OUT IN YOUR AREA; me and my family essay

atiya 2 / 3  
Dec 29, 2010   #1
I have tried my best to write an essay on "black out in your area". written below
if there is any mistake please correct it and tell me about my composition .

All of a sudden a war was broke out between the two countries .Thus the whole area was in black out . People were hiding at their homes and who were at traveling, tramped and pushed their way through dense throngs in a rush to get in safer place to stay . At that time the country gave a gloomy picture . Not a single human being was dare to come out of doors .

Thereby the sound of explosion was heard by all of us . It was likely to be the missiles that fell mercilessly at homes , bombing at different places was continuously going on . Probably the country was bursting like a volcano and thousands of people were killed in this deadly war .

Me and my family were sitting altogether in a living area , frightened with terror , suddenly the missiles fell to the house besides and a blast occurred . Our house shook so badly that the roof of one of the room has fallen down .The flames of smoke were coming out and the house was become hot because of the explosion . Howling and crying of our neighbors were coming into our ears as they trapped under , they were crying for help .

When i approach towards them to give them a hand at the moment what i saw was terrifying ,the body parts were lying scattered this ensure us that there would be no survivor .

The war lasted for a week and eventually the dispute that arose between the two countries was resolved , peace in our country come again the city was back to life and light .

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