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IELTS TASK 2 e-book as an additional format and it can not replace the presence of a printed book

Diandin16 9 / 10  
Apr 4, 2016   #1
With recent developments in technology like e-books, some people feel that printed media like books, news papers, and magazines will soon be a thing of the past. Others feel that these forms of media will never disappear.

What is your opinion ?

The progress of sophisticated technology gives people many options for reading material. Most people believe that the e-book is better choice for reading material. Yet, some people assume that the textbook will be reading more comfortable. Although both ideas are utterly acceptable to some extent, I would agree that printed media such as books, magazines, and newspapers more comfortable.

e-book present for fans of the book that offers some practicality. This is because inhabitants can bring his personal library anywhere to read via kindle, tablet, ipad, as well as a private gadget. A 2013 USA Today explains that in the United States, sales of e-book sales growth for three consecutive years in addition to the advantages of the e-book is more environmentally friendly. This shows that the community is very pleased with the ease and convenience offered by the e-book, so that the e-book usage continues to increase.

However, In some condition, some readers prefer books in physical form because the textbook is considered more versatile. This is because books can be accessed by anyone even have limit internet access or equipment other than that printed books provide a greater impact on cognitive development. Kate Garlan, cognitive psychology researcher from the University of Leicester in the UK explains that there are differences in student performance when the same material is presented in the form of printed or digital. This study shows that the printed book readers to more easily understand the material from the textbook. It is clear that analog book more comfortable and versatile.

The aforementioned evidence shows that people have a preference for the use of e-book or analog book. I assume people make the e-book as an additional format but it can not replace the presence of a printed book.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Apr 4, 2016   #2
Hi Dian, you have made a precise argument here in your essay and and it's written fairly well. You have some insights that are very relevant to the prompt and this makes an essay good and interesting to read.

Now, I just want to share a few remarks on the first 2 paragraph of the essay and I hope it's useful.

1st paragraph
- foron reading material.
- is a better choice
- for a reading material.
- that the textbooks
- will be readingare more comfortable to read .
- newspapers are more comfortable.

2nd paragraph
- E -book present
- inhabitantspeople or readers can bring
- sales of e-book sales
- growthhas grown
- forover three consecutive years, ( don't forget your punctuation marks ) in addition
- to the advantages of the e-book,
- isit's more environmentally friendly.
- the ease and convenience
- so that thethis is why e-book usage

Dian, I hope the corrections made are helpful and I hope you follow through with it in doing the rest of the essay.

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