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Books have more influence on society than television.

mcshang 4 / 8  
Aug 26, 2011   #1
(TOEFL) Books have more influence on society than television.

I think the impact of books is more than television on society, since the books are the compiling of the human beings' knowledge.

Since we, human beings, have known how to record the events by drawing pictures or writing down words, "books" have existed as a variety of forms between you and me.

Thus, it is needless to emphasize the importance and impact of books. Take education for example, despite promoting the concept of "learning by doing", reading books are still the most universal educational methods, because books are available in anywhere or anytime, and due to its feasibility. Furthermore reading books are more beneficial than watching TV. As for me, I used to relax myself by watching TV programs. However, one day the TV could not work anymore. Hence, during the period of fixing of TV, I took reading as my leisure activity. Compared to watching TV, I realized that reading not only can ease my mind, but absorbing knowledge, so instead of pressing the remote control, I changed my leisure activity to read books while spare time. Consequently, based on my personal experience, the influence of books is greater than TV.

Nonetheless, some people claim that the high-quality TV channels, for instance, the National Geography and Discovery, are continuously showed up. Thus, they have very great impact on our society. In my opinion, although they have the points there, we are unable to watch TV programs all the time, that is, books are portable, but the TV is not, unless you want to bear a machine on your back. Moreover, there are a large amount of TV programs of violence and pornography. Therefore, I still consider the influence of books outweigh the TV.

To sum up, based on the convenience of caring books, and the compiling of the human knowledge, I firmly claim that the books are far more influential than TV.

Dark blue - / 5  
Aug 26, 2011   #2
I don't think your essay presents a very strong argument. TV's influence on you does not necessarily apply to TV's influence on society. Even if books influence you more, you can't conclude that society thinks the same way with that argument. The "books are portable" argument isn't really valid. Even if we don't watch TV all the time, time not spent watching TV is not time spent reading books. Also, you claim that TV programs of violence and pornography don't affect society? That's not true.

If you want to argue that books have more influence on society, use stronger points.
OP mcshang 4 / 8  
Aug 27, 2011   #3
(TOEFL) Books have more influence on society than television.

I totally agree that the impact of TV is more than books on society. According to my personal observation, TV affects our society on the roots of life- health, and TV is not limited as the traditional TV programs forms anymore.

First of all, have you ever heard or read any information about the people suffered from the obesity problem or the bad eyesight? It is obviously that not until the television is invented, people spend more time in front of the black box. Because of watching the TV for a long time, without any break, the nearsightedness has become a far more serious problems in our society. In addition, do you know when the word "couch potato" was invented? I do not know either, but I can confidently say that is must after the appearance of television. People watch TV programs for a long time, without any exercises. Consequently, the average weight of people is climbing, and forming another societal issue. It is needless to emphasize the importance of being healthy, because health is the base stone of the developing the society and strong nation, so I think TV truly impact our society.

Second, with the development of the technology, the forms TV programs are not limited any longer. What I want to express is in order to respond to the high-tech, the TV channel companies have started putting their programs on the internet, like the official site or YouTube. In other words, we can watch the TV shows via plenty of tools, even on the smart phone, that is, the availability of TV is better than before. In my country, the government even has started promoting the free and high quality Wi-Fi through the whole country. So after the project, I think, in my country, we can watch TV programs in anytime, anywhere.

To sum up, based on the above mentioned, due to the increasing a large variety of TV program forms, and the impact on the health issue, I think TV is now more influential on our society than books.
sobin 12 / 24  
Aug 28, 2011   #4
i read your essay n i would like to tell you that you haven't mentioned anything about the topic..
its alright to mention something about the other side of topic.
but,you really deviated from the topic...

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