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Books? Knowledge gained from experiences is more practical, effective and fun.

Nahid87 12 / 17 7  
May 12, 2016   #1
It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from books with knowledge gained from experience. In your opinion which one is important and why?

Comparison between knowledge gained from books with knowledge gained from experiences is always hot debate between industry and university. Some believes the first is important, others have negative attitude, they prefer the second one. It was always confusing for me years ago too. Depending on my personal experiences during the last years, I have found out that although books play important roles in our progresses; experience has more weight. Knowledge that gained from experiences is more practical, too effective, and even pleasure.

The first and foremost reason for my argue is that no doubt, books are source of knowledge and information. But what we learned from books have theoretical nature. They learned how a specific phenomenon occurs or concepts work. Learning is nothing but understanding world around. This information can be useful when they be used and experienced in real environments. For this reason, almost all theoretical classes follow by practical classes. During high school, laboratory always was exciting for me. I could see what I learnt in books in form of theoretical in real world. In this way, I could learn subjects deeply and never ever was forgetting that topics any more.

There is another reason that deserves words here. Sometimes experience is more useful than information. For example, when you want to learn about driving; some manuals give you information about how you should drive, driving rules, and how you should do in different situations. We cannot learn about driving without driving even you spend more time for studying. One will get professional in his or her fields during times with a lot of experience. As result, sometimes experiences are even more beneficial than dates.

Besides above reasons, the nature of something is depends on experiencing them. For example, I learned the rules of driving but that was not enjoyable and interesting for me. When I derived and saw that I could do that and I really felt exciting and wanted to do my best. I have a same feeling during swimming training.

Taking into account all the factors that I mentioned before, we reach this conclusion that knowledge that gained from book is inherent and essential for our performance but we should use them in real world to be beneficial. Experience is gives opportunity that information be practical and more effective.

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