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Born talented or taught? - ielts essay

Jan 28, 2011   #1
could you please check my essay?
It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents., for instance for sport or music and others are not. However it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician.


Art plays important role in our life. Music, sport etc has made us our life meaningful. although food, shelter and clothes are mans basic needs , music , sportsare our emotional needs. Human is superior to other animals because he has developed brains and this brain need energy to function & this energy is gained by listening to music or watching or participating in sports. Some people perform better in sports or compose nice music than others. some say this is nature given gift to those people. While some say that anyone could be expert in sport or music with good training.I do not agree with this.

To support my opinion I would like to explain further. World famous musicians like Mozart or Bethoven
were not taught music in school. They had never been to any music academy. the most famous Brazilian football player Pele did not learn football by joining any sports academy.They became famous because they had that talent in them. They were naturally superior to others. It is no doubt that they workd hard and practise to be succesful. However, they had those innate talents and so they could achieve beyond imagination.therefore it is almost certain that some people have some inborn talents. I would also like to mention about famous painters like Vincent Van Gaugh or Claude Monet.they did not attend any painting school , but they became great artists and their paintings were amazing , out of this world paintings. this is because they had this innate art.

On the other hand I do believe that training can boost a persons ability to do well in music or sports to a certain limit and with good guidance a person can learn sport or how to make music

tunes.With good teaching materials someone could gain knowledge about sport or music and with hard work he could be master in that. Training helps to improve capacityto excel in certain fields.Teachers tell a person how to go for thing in the field he is in like in sports or music.Still there is a lot to be a good sport player or music composer.

To summerize, from my point of view,a prson can become a good player or musician with training but to be world best he needs to have those talents by birth.

Jan 28, 2011   #2
-Music, sport etc has made usour life meaningful. although Although food, shelter and clothes are mans man's basic needs , music , sports are our emotional needs. ------this sentence does not has any sense. How come sports become emotional need?

- ur introduction is too weird. please do refer to some essays to get an idea. dont start a sentence with a small letter.

- there is no conclusion either...that will affect ur marks adversely.

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