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Brave new world and Children of men; Dystopia Comparison Essay

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May 12, 2014   #1
Comparison Essay- Brave new world and Children of men

May 8, 2014

Give me a rope, I will hang myself. Will you select to live in the "perfect society" like Brave New World? Unlimit sex, No parents, no morality.I will never think about living there because actually this society is seemly perfect but flawed. Brave New World is the one of the most famous dystopian book in the world, written by Aldous Huxley in 1931. Another famous dystopian science fiction film named Children and Man was reviewed as the most value film in 2006. Both Children of Men and Brave New World depict a dystopia. I want to prove that if the government's desire to control the people will lead to a bad future.

Human being can not overcome governmental control. In Brave New World which has developed modern society. The governor uses latest technology to control the whole world. People born in the hatchery instead born in hospital, they are all born undergo a process named "Bokanousky". The people born from there all has same appearance. They are classed to Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. The DHC (director of the hatchery center) is using sleeping education to make people have subconsciousness. Therefore, they will have same comment on the same thing instead of having their own idea. The doctors use electronic shot to warn the babies who born undergo Bokanousky's process trying to touch the flowers. This process is designing to prevent people to receive new thing in order to keep the society peaceful and control human's mind. There is an incredible drag named "Soma", If people take it, they will just feel like going to the heaven, having few days off. When people feel upset, they take it as a candy to reduce their pain.

Well, the Brave New World is a amazing era for the governor. They don't need to worry about how to keep the society stable. I mean compare to the society now. We still have some regional war happening, Like Ukraine, Syria. People suicide themself when they have big problem. But in brave new world, people take Soma when they feeling sad. There isn't no chance to happen a war at that time, because human's mind are control when they were babies, they just obey the order that governor said.

But on the other side, Is it really perfect? For governor, absolutely. For the most of normal people? May be no. Brave New World seemed like a perfect world but flawed. In fact, people are becoming slaves and cowards, they got brainwashing when they were young, they take Soma when the bad things happening on them. One day, Brave new world will no longer beautiful, she is heading to dark, evil. People are getting lost, and never find the way back. Dictator dominates everything when human becoming their toy.

In Children Of Men, We can see people all around the world are suffering a big catastrophe that no one can pregnant within 18 years. Then, the youngest people died.The entire world is getting chaos. The immigrant starting moving to developed countries to avoid national flight around them. But they are not that lucky, The developed country has the same problem, and the government don't want help the refugees.So British police take responsibility to send them to a place for illegal immigrants. There is a scene shows the immigrants are locked in cages by the police, and their stuff are threw everywhere. They are crying, mumbling. Their tear shows they are really helpless, innocent. Another scene is when main character going to the Jasper's house, and i saw there is a news on the newspaper said Jasper's wife used to be a reporter, but one time she reported something that against the government, but government use its power to make her got injured and lost her memory.

Connecting to the society condition now. England is a developed country and people has speaking rights like most of the countries nowadays. Jasper's wife as a reporter, report the ugly side of the government, just want making people to know the truth. However, what government's did destroy the promise that people's rights. The story also shows in the future, the whole world becoming complex. Democracy became the past, and centralize power take charge of it. When this society become one man's domination, when people cannot bear anymore. People will rise up, against the government. Then people kill people. Leader fight for their desires. Poor people fight for getting out bad condition, escape from the autarchy.

According to the history, there are thousands of example explain that under dictators' govern the society will lead to a bad future. Like the lead Omar Mouammer al Gaddafi in Libya or Saddam Hussein in Iraq, etc. The dictator always just cares about their profits. Also, they put their profits above people's profits. Dictator's profits always base on the lower class people. Those dictator's latent desires are the root of corruptions, violence govern and the signs of democracy, human rights lost. I think authors wrote these dystopian works because they were concerned our society will repeat the same mistakes, lead all the human to darkest hell. So be aware of these happen to us, No one want this bloody crazy things. No one want be ruled.

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May 15, 2014   #2
nice & interesting

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