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To broadcast celebrities news or informations about some ordinary people?

RAY93 35 / 186 136  
Mar 17, 2016   #1
The media pay too much attention to the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singers or footballers. They should spend more time reporting the lives of ordinary people instead.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Live as a celebrity mean no privacy. Famous people lives are a public consumption which aired massively by media. I totally agree that media should report this news most since to report common people lives has no valuable or attractive point meanwhile celebrity's stories are a must published news.

Inappropriate news of general people, broadcasted by media, has less meaning and fascinating for viewers which offered no enjoyment by watching this kind of show. Showing daily activities of citizens albeit they are having merits or spectacular achievements in some fields are not make sense and it would reach a much low rating too since people just look for entertaining show which sensations rather than informative or educating programs. Thus, I believe that media, as the source of information, is most pivotal to broadcast celebrities news.

In addition, well-known people days are always essential and attract inhabitants to watch them. Hot issue of celebrities including artists, sportsmen and singers has been the most popular show which inspiring common people. Viewers have a high curiosity on those extra ordinary figures life which makes them waiting and impatient to access the latest news of them. It also becomes a large issue as the most often discussed and seek out by people. For me, it is stand out that airing celebrities' stories give much benefit not only for the paparazzi or TV channels economically but also the general watchers entertainingly.

All in all, I strongly believe that reporters do not need to balance, or reduce, between the news of ordinary people and famous figures since viewers would find it bored and give less attention to out of favor stories.

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