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Budget spent on building new fastest train railroad or public transport infrastructure? IELTS 2

Ekaputri17 6 / 12 7  
Jul 28, 2018   #1

spending money in railroad and public transportation

a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Others believe money should be spent on improving existing public transport. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People have different views about budget spent on building new fastest train railroad for cities transportation. Meanwhile others arguing that infrastructure for public transport should be the main priority as it is used vastly by residents in the city life, but I do believe that constructing quick trains are the best choice to deal with traffic congestion because of the special route they have.

Transportation has already human's necessity, so that it is needed good quality of facility especially in public transportation. This type of transport is very popular in regular day and is used by people to travel in many places such as school, market, company, etc. In order to provide improvements, government should keep the existence of these facilities with allocating adequate fund every period for repairing possible damage by plenty of users.

However, travelling by train offers many advantageous impacts in our life. The availability of sufficient railroads can address traffic jam which is the crucial problem faced by many countries. The reason for that is the train has particular route in order to let the passengers depart and arrive on time. Also, it can reduce the flooded of vehicle because people is given effective trip by its fast speed and reasonable price which is very useful for long-distance travelling. Therefore, I think it is better if the authority spends large amount of money to construct new lines of railway between cites.

In conclusion, I firmly think that most money should be allocated to build new railway lines rather than renovation public transport as train provides numerous advantages one of them is tackling traffic congestion.

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zahranatsir 5 / 11  
Jul 28, 2018   #2
HI Indri!
i have a few suggestions for your essay.

1. this sentence should be Transportation has already been human's necessity. (Passive voice of present perfect)
2. So that it is needed good quality ... should be a good quality is needed especially for public transportation.
3. should be possible damage causedby plenty of users.
4. This type of transport is ... this type of transportation
5. Bear in mind that this is discuss both opinion essay, therefore you need to present why others think that allocating budget for highway is important rather than railways because i haven't seen any explanation related to that. Conversely, in agree-disagree essay we just need to present our reason why we agree/disagree in both body paragraph.

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