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Building and its appearances - the exterior look is not so important as usefulness?

jalp 13 / 34 7  
Aug 13, 2018   #1
When designing a building, the intended use of the building should be taken into account rather than its outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


In architecture, while it is important to design a building by it's purpose, the exterior should not be of concerned. I, however, disagree to this statement. The reasons will be explained further.

Architects design building by their use. For example, a coffee shop should be cozy and comfortable-looking for the clients. Therefore, designers will create a look that is intended for coffee lovers. Aside from that, not only the interior will be full of art the exudes coffee but also the outside appearance of the shop.

To attract costumers, it is important that the first line of business is appealing to the buyers. Thus, when people see a building that is well-thought out or creative and reflects what its purpose then it can help gain more clients. As a popular adage goes, first impression lasts.

With than in mind, I believe that outward appearance is as significant as the inward appearance of a certain building. As a person, people judge a human being by his or her looks, hence, it also applies to the buildings we cee in the city. If a certain establishment is not pleasing to the eye, people will not go inside or check that place out but would rather tale a step back or walk away from it.

Ultimately, the exterior of a building should not be set aside by the designers. Although the interior is essential in creating buildings, the design outside can also make or break the purpose of it. As it is the first thing that people see and appreciate.
PaulthePhoenix 4 / 16  
Aug 13, 2018   #2
@jalp HelloJae Chan. Hope you are doing good with your study. I have a few comments for your essay as below.
First of all, your introduction is not clear enough to adress the prompt. Just lose the word "while" then you will have a good paraphase.

For the body, you need to add some linking words to structure it better. Besides, you need to add more ideas to your essay, all 3 paragraphs you wrote only bring out one idea "appearance attracts more customers". You can have more ideas like "the design of a buiding needs to be harmonize with city it is situated". You can not errect a skycrapper in the middle of an ancient city for example.

Your vocab and grammar is good, although there is some typo and odd expressions here and there
Hope that helps
OP jalp 13 / 34 7  
Aug 14, 2018   #3
Thank you very much!

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