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Essay about ielts writing task 2 _ buildings/houses history topic

uyenhuynh 1 / -  
Oct 22, 2021   #1
Task 2
In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in.

What are the reasons for this?

How can people research this?

It is widely acknowledged that the building or house history generally draws the attention of people. This trend is driven by several factors, and some viable solutions can be implemented to help them obtain more information relating to this.

There are two compelling reasons as to the proliferation of the house or building history exploration. First and foremost, being aware of fascinating building history stories from media can instill individuals to investigate more about that. For example, various simulating narratives of the building history have been portrayed through various TV programs or films. In addition to this, people under an obligation of purchasing or renting new houses or apartments, call a demand for researching carefully about the history.

In order to address the aforementioned issue, people should administer the following measures. Firstly, investing time on the internet or social media is key to familiarizing people with information from google or online persons. Inasmuch as the internet is a global network with a host of persons from field and culture differences, people can gain any knowledge they have a soft spot. Another feasible solution could be to ask directly to local residents about the houses or buildings people appeal to explore the history. The help from such persons is irrefutably beneficial and necessary for people to have a comprehensive understanding of the history of these houses or even hidden secrets of them.

In conclusion, the general understanding of the history of the buildings or houses that we live in may stem from numerous underlying factors, and the proposed solutions can be executed to reverse the trend.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,672 4113  
Oct 23, 2021   #2
The focus of the writer is on the interest of architectural buffs in homes and buildings. This does not necessarily mean that they reside /live in the house or building. The restatement is incorrect as the original refers to the interest of people in the backstory of the house or building they live in. It is a general interest in a non-historical dwelling. The restatement failed to accurately restate this.

The incorect perception is the reason why the first reasoning paragraph does not offer the correct reasons for wanting to know about the story of the residence. So a failing score will be applied to that paragraph. IHavever, a passing score will be applied to the research discussion presentation

2 out of 3 discussion paragraphs are incorrect. The essay is not headed towards a passing mark.

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