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How can a busy person have a healthy lifestyle?

Jack Ahn 1 / 1  
Aug 19, 2011   #1
This is my 300 word essay about that question.

How can a busy person have a healthy lifestyle?
It is very hard to manage body healthily, especialy for people who have a busy life. But they also can manage their health. This assay will explain how a busy person can have a healthy life.

Firstly, having a healthy diet and eating regulary is good for keeping their health. Health diet contains many major nutritions, so it makes people healthier. Having regulary meals helps their body balanced. Although some busy people who do not have enough time do not have meals regulary, they also can have small sneck instead of their meals.

Secondly, managing their sleeping time is good enough to have a balanced life. if people who have a busy life set their wake up time and go to bed time, they can control their bio-rythm. A regular sleeping time will help them to feel their body lighter and clearer, when they wake up.

Finally, the most important thing is regular exercise. After finishing their work, simple execise will help their digestion and blood circulation. If they do not have enough time to exercise, they can do indoor exercise during workhour. For example, stretching is good for circulation, and they only go out with their friend in holiday; consquently, this keeps people moving and getting more fresh air than indoor.

These three suggestions are good for people's health who have busy life. The best way of making their life healthy is make a schedule of deit, sleeping time and exercise. This way will be good for making healthy life style.

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