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You can buy everything from internet nowadays. Online shopping phenomenon.

angelvyle 1 / -  
Aug 11, 2019   #1

Advantages and disadvantages of buying things online

In these modern days, online service has been largely effective that a big number of people put a certain purchase on it. However, this development has both positive and negative sides.

The possible advantage of buying what you need online is saving time. In the past, people had to hang out to the supermarket or shopping mall to find fit clothes or popular makeup products. However, in the past few decades, most of the famous cosmetics have been sold online, both national and international brands. We just need to log in to the official website and choose which items we want to get. All of our items then will be purchased via cards. Also, clothes shops nowadays provide the sizes and prices so we can consider buying them without wasting time going to the stores then end up having no new clothes. Another good point for this service development is that we can buy things from overseas. For instance, if we wanted to order albums from Kpop stores which are not located in our countries, we could do it through some online sites that ship these things from Korea.

Though, there are some disadvantages of putting a purchase online. Firstly, we cannot be sure and guaranteed about the quality of the products. Take makeup products as an example, you are not an excellent expert to check whether the shop had given you the real or fake items. Also, sometimes shirts or pants are turned out to be extremely bigger than expected. Secondly, the bad point is this service can cause less motivation for lazy people. Usually, hanging out to choose and buy necessary things such as food can be the only way for lazy people to getting out of their house. However, the internet has increasingly risen and that makes homebody people have more reason to stay at home.

In conclusion, although buying things online can help people in some situation, it may have bad effects on our mood and daily lives.

Maria [Contributor] - / 952 342  
Aug 11, 2019   #2
Hi there. Welcome! I'll provide you with writing feedback here on your essay.

Firstly, I highly recommend making more concrete and certain your lines. Doing this will ensure that you have more tailor-fit words to assist you. This will also trim down your essay to make your content more organized. Take a look at your first paragraph. The first line could have been better phrased as: "In modern time, online services have made people purchase larger quantities." Notice how it relays the same meaning but it a more concise manner. Try practicing this throughout your writing.

Structure is critical when writing. Make sure that you use the appropriate punctuation to capitalize more on the essential pauses. Furthermore, try to also minimize complex lines that do not abide by normative structures to simplify (and make more academic) the tone of your essay.

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