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California State government like many is organized with a multi layered hierarchy.

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Jun 21, 2011   #1
I bombed my 1st History paper.. and this is my 2nd.. please help. I promise to take English next semester :)


Writing Assignment #2

The California State government like many is organized with a multi layered hierarchy. California's has three branches of government: the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. Each of which consists of various levels of elected officials and agencies. Traditionally this type of division ensures central power is not abused in a way that can endanger the freedom and liberties of the people. The branches include the executive branch consisting of the governor and other elected officials, the legislature consisting of both the senate and the house, and the judicial arm consisting of supreme courts, court of appeal, district and county courts.

The Executive branch is headed up by the Governor of California. Under him are the Lieutenant Governor, State Attorney General, State treasurer, State Controller, etc. All of these positions are separately elected on four year terms. The main responsibility of the Executive branch is administering, executing, implementing, and enforcing the law. This branch consists of numerous state agencies each performing different functions as delegated in the state constitution. The Governor has responsibilities such as appointing individuals in judicial offices, pardoning convicted criminals, propose the state budget, and command the states militia.

In California the legislative branch is a bicameral type of system. The Senate consists of two types of members. There are 40 members which are elected on a four year term that make up the Senate. The second half which is called the Assembly is made up of 80 members elected for two year terms (64). The legislative branch is served with responsibility of making state laws, passing state budget, determining tax structure, and auditing other state agencies and department. This responsibility however does also fall to the States voters through the initiative and referendum process.

The Judicial branch consists of the state supreme court, court of appeal, and several lower district courts. The courts are managed and controlled by a six member bench of the Supreme Court, whose function includes making procedural rules and hearing appeals as well as determine how law relates to particular facts affecting the state. The Judicial branch of California is divided into three levels. The judicial branch is served with the responsibility of interpreting the constitution established binding orders, and incarcerating anyone acting in disregard of the laid down rules and regulations. California's Superior Courts handle the majority of both civil and criminal cases. Family Law, Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, etc. The Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal serve as appellate courts reviewing the decisions of the Superior Courts.

Folsom is located in the county of Sacramento, and estimates of 2008 shows it had a population of about 72,000. The city is located in the first senate district, which in respect to federal government falls under California's 3rd congressional district. In the year 1946 after incorporation of the city, Folsom's residents decided on the idea of having a self and autonomous -government. This type of municipal government is independent, and consists of 5 elect members, who are picked from the larger City Council members, and serve for a term not exceeding 4 years. The municipal government is composed of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and a City Manager, who runs the daily operations of the city. Unlike other municipal government in the US, residents of this city play a crucial and active role. The municipal government in Folsom has the duty of administering, executing, implementing, and enforcing the law. The City Manager and the Mayor assume the responsibility of acting as head of the executive branch.

Folsom city has been experiencing explosive growth in recent years. This growth has caused problems economically, socially, and culturally. Common critical issues surrounding the area are increased cost of living, traffic congestion, as well as socioeconomic problems such as poverty, drug abuse, homelessness, poverty, and increased crime. To solve these issues, the municipal government and the state of California have adopted some strategic means to reduce traffic congestion for example; bringing in more public transportation such as light rail into Folsom. Building new through ways, building new parking structures, and improving on existing roads.

My personal contributions to help ease traffic in Folsom would be; ride public transportation, carpool, telecommute, ride my bicycle and be an advocate for public transportation. If I need to run an errand, I'll make sure that it's not rush hour in the city. I'll also educate and encourage my children to use a bicycle rather than a car for a short trip, in hopes that the next generation will be able to solve Folsoms' traffic congestion issue.

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Jun 23, 2011   #2
Hi Natasha, I was just wondering what mistakes were made on the first paper... what feedback did you get from the teacher?

Also, I suggest a colon at the end here:
My personal contributions to help ease traffic in Folsom would include the following: ride public...

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