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Writing task 1 IELTS Cambridge 9 about how the island changes

hanggiang_1711 1 / 1  
Jan 17, 2021   #1

The two maps show how the island change after the construction of some tourist facilities.

In general, the construction creates a new appearance for the island. First of all, the first map shows that the island used to have only some trees and have no sign of human living there. The island is huge with the length of approximately 250 metres.

It is clear that the island changes totally after being rebuilt. We can easily see that there are two areas of accommodations, one is located nearby the sea, the other is in the centre. Between them is a restaurant and a reception which surrounded by vehicle track. There is also a pier with yatches for tourists to transport. The beach is also used for swimming.

In short, the island has significiant changes which support the human's demand. It will be good for tourism
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,923 3562  
Jan 18, 2021   #2
This presentation will receive an automatic failing score for the following reasons:
- Insufficient word count (minimum of 150)
- Improper formatting of the essay ( 3 paragraph minimum)

For writing only 129 words, the essay will receive a word deduction penalty for the missing 21 words. Since this will be done in percentage form, the TA score will start at a failing level. Then, the missing complete paragraph formatting will be an additional percentage deduction since the paragraphs do not meet the appropriate 3 paragraph requirement.

Due to the lack of image, I will be unable to review the essay for content accuracy. I also cannot review the essay for other possible errors due to insufficient information provided. Kindly remember to upload the images next time. It is a requirement for task 1 reviews. It is impossible to review your essay beyond the basics without it.
OP hanggiang_1711 1 / 1  
Jan 18, 2021   #3
thank you soo much for your comment. I will try my best to improve the essay. I hope you can give me a specific review next time

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