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"Captain America" - What motivates people to change themselves?

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Aug 15, 2014   #1
This a topic from my SAT courses that i'm taking

Topic:What Motives people to change?

To see the difference we want to see out in the world we must first change ourselves. Many would say its money; more people are starting to assume that they are driven to make a conflict. Great rafts of people want to be that pebble in the ocean that causes the diverse ripples. As seen in, Captain America, he is transformed into physically perfect human, fights for American ideals of autonomy and justice. Also note well that Apollo missioners choose to journey to the lunar month; thus, making them for the discovery that rocked the century.

Higher motivation ensures maximum performance and results. The sacrifices Roger, aka Captain America, are for the reminders that are seen after WW II. He could have remained short and noticed, merely his desire to form a difference was the motivation that transformed him into captain America. Although he constantly lacked behind on drills he had the most courage, which showed others that he made up to become someone more substantial because he can provoke a dispute. With the help a doctor swift adjustments were made to mutated roger, Roger's will to ignite a revolution never stopped him from deterring from his destination.

Apollo crew members picked out to get to the moon in that decade, not because it was comfortable, but because the goal challenged the crowd to be the pioneers of exploring the moon. Apollo was the NASA program that had American astronauts on 11 space flights and walking on the moon. The astronauts conducted scientific research at that point, studying the lunar surface. They collected moon rocks to get back to Earth. To be the first to watch the small circle in the dark sky, pushed twelve astronauts to play harder than then they ever had to become stiffer and more resilient in space.

If the future seems particularly intimidating, think of it as a lake whose waters are deep and frigid. Dip your toe in, and continue pushing forward till you are hidden in water. Everyone holds the ability to cause a change in this cosmos, without even one person there it still matters. Everyone holds the ability to create a difference for someone in this world no matter how humble, it's a change.

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Aug 15, 2014   #2

it's a change.

Avoid contraction in formal writing

Great rafts of people want to be that pebble in the ocean that causes the diverse ripples

This sentence needs subject verb agreement


This is confusing. You can narrow the information if you already give a description or appositive in the beginning. I guest you would say World War II, Hopefully correct :)

To me, I cannot get the answer from the prompt given

What Motives people to change?

Then, please give a space to separate your paraghraphs. Nice to read your writing

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