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Car-free days or other ways to reduce air pollution.

Tai 2 / 2  
Apr 29, 2017   #1
Topic: Some people think international free-car days are an effective way of reducing air pollution, others think there are some other ways. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

long-term plans and solutions for clean environment

Air pollution has become an issue of broad interest to the general public. Some people believe international car-free days are essential in limiting air pollution level. Others claim that various different measures should be applied. As far as I am concerned, a variety of ways should come into effect rather than only car-free days are introduced.

On the one hand, days without automobiles bring about certain benefits to the environment. As we all know, cars play a crucial part in residential life because people throughout the world utilize them on a daily basis. Automobiles are used as vehicles to commute to work and travel to schools and therefore play an indispensable role in daily life. Consequently, car-free days are applied in order to control the volume of cars on the streets. The aim of this practice is to decline carbon dioxide gas emitted excessively from cars. By prohibiting automobile use on some days, a huge amount of greenhouse gases are reduced and this way also encourages citizens to make use of public transport.

On the other hand, I strongly believe there are much more effective solutions to tackle the air contamination. Authorities should launch environmental campaigns to raise citizens' awareness, changing people's behaviours. Knowledge from the programs can help individuals be more energy efficient on a regular basis such as flying less, using bicycles and buses. Another measure is governments can impose 'green taxes' on factories which pump pollutants into the atmosphere. This law can act as a deterrent to bar factories from releasing gases tremendously. It is obvious that international car-free days are a temporary plan because on the other days, residents will certainly utilize them again. Nevertheless, information dissemination and regulations are such long-term strategies that can be used to mitigate the air pollution level day by day.

In conclusion, even though free-car days are beneficial, I agree with many long-term solutions. When educating local inhabitants or introducing strict laws to society, they will have permanent influences on people's awareness.

Monica26 2 / 2 1  
Apr 30, 2017   #2
Hello, Tai. I will strictly give comment to the content of your essay.

Your second paragraph doesn't really explain of how free-car days can reduce air pollution. I prefer you use facts such as how many people like to travel with private car rather than with public transportation. It will be quite straight-forward from there. A day without that amount of cars will certainly reduce air pollution. If you agree with the statement then you have to provide more benefits of free-car days such as introducing public transportation as an option to travel.

On the third paragraph, you could mention what citizen can do to achieve clean environment like reducing the usage of plastic or any material which hard to decomposed, separating their garbage, and so on. In conclusion, you need more examples to explain the main idea of every paragraph to make it more solid.
Anhy chan 12 / 23 1  
May 1, 2017   #3
Hi @Tai , I have read your writing deeply. As such, you have need a few improvement: First, if you wanna get a high score, you are supposed to show clearly what you will explain in the body paragraph. I meant you included the keywords of your perspective in your thesis statement. Then, pay attention on the way you compose each sentence in a proper way. It seems to me that there are several sentence with inappropriate structure then makes me confuse as a reader. For instance in the 1-2 sentences in paragraph 3. Moreover, it is good that you have to use several phrasal verb in this essay, because it will boost your score in lexical resource. Oh ya, pay attention on grammar and article using. I have found several mistakes on article using and preposition in your essay, for instance:

Some people believe THAT international car-free days are essential in limiting air pollution level (This sentence is need conjunction because you put two verb in this sentence)
Reza_Hidayat 13 / 18 1  
May 1, 2017   #4
I have red you essay, and I think that you present a clear position and relevant main idea but you addressed the task only partially since you did not discuss about what the others think to measure air pollution. You should mention that to cover all parts of the task. Furthermore, you arrange idea and information coherently, and you use mix of simple and complex sentence forms

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