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Cause and problems: Stress in your country (length of essay over 100 words)

voivua1993 1 / -  
Dec 10, 2016   #1
Stress has been a majour for a long time affecting students seriously in many countries.Vietnam is one of those,two main problems causing stress are:Family pressure and social relationship.The best way to deal with these problem is talking and sharing their emotions to someone.

Most of Vietnamese students are being over-expected by their parents but not all of them can achieve that expectation.This matter will lead these students become suffered stress from their parents.Due to the korea survey in 2015,15 percentages of high school students were committed suicide because they can not handle the pressure of the entrance test to university.Sadly,most of these Entrance test pressure is come from parents.For instance,there have a number of students wanting to please their parents by getting a great marks,great school but others trying hard in their study to get a better future,better life quality to re-paid their parents hard-work.By one way or another,family pressure is one the most reason causing student stress.

Not only family but also social relationships can cause student stress,bullying is the specific recognizable signs.Sometimes students are bullied by violence but be critised by words also affect them.In Vietnam,it is common that students are critised by teachers without specific reasons.The reasons making teachers treat to students depend on their emotions.For exampe,in Vietnam,teachers are not well-paid so they need to open others class after school to earn more money,if students do not register for that course,he or she will be punished for no reason.Physical damages can be healed by time,but not the mind damages which many Vietnamese students are experencing this matter.

Stress is hard to control,it is considered as a disease which can not be cured,but it might be prevented by talking and sharing other mind to another or seeing a psychologist.Communicating for a longtime,it is the best way to reduce the stress.

To conclude,Vietnamese students have been suffering from stress for a long time,which also is happening in other countries.To handle this matter,people should not endure it but must share their feeling,their emotions to others.Because only sympathy can help a broken heart

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