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Causes and reasons of vanishing languages - it can destroy some valuable information about societies

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Dec 25, 2015   #1
Some languages spoken by very few people are losing their importance and may become extinct completely. Is it a good or a bad development? What are the reasons for this?

The extinction of language causes many lose of valuable feature, which makes harmful effects on people. Many parameters can lead this extinction. This essay is explained about irreversible effects and causes of this vanishing language.

Vanishing languages can destroy some valuable information about societies. Language has many specific words which show some favorite sound and tune. These tunes can determine style of literature in many poems and stories. Therefore, extinction of language causes damaging the literature. For example, some traditional Iranian books are became usefulness, because many words become extinct. Also, language indicate geographic feature of places where these people live. Since some geographic feature may be changed very easily, by analysis some sound in language can realize this changes. Moreover, thought of specific people can be expressed by languages which have some words or slangs related to specific events and traditional believes which root of some people's behaviors.

Extinction of language has many reasons. Language has close relationship with people's attitudes. If native people are affected from foreigners whose language affects the native language. In some condition, this native language will disappear. For example, tourists can affect native language of people in tourist spot areas. Moreover, technology increases the communication with people from different nationalities. The tendency to learn international language rises considerably. Young generation do not follow some traditional customs and languages.

In conclusion, disappearing some languages causes losing some literature and knowledge about some geographical feature in several places. Traveling foreigners to different place in the around the world encourages native people to give up some languages and culture. Technology increase the tendency of learning English or other international languages.

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