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IELTS Writing task 2: Causes and solutions to urbanization.

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May 3, 2020   #1

urban-rural balance

Generally, this is an ielts writing task 2 and the topic is the causes and solutions to urbanization.
Recently, migration to urban areas has escalated - there lies in arising issues that the governors have to address, such as overcrowding. This essay will evaluate this phenomenon in depth based on the underlying causes and potential solutions.

The pivotal cause of the migration is the urban-rural disparity. On the one hand, the income gap between residents in two areas has constantly worsened due to the lack of career opportunities in the rural one. Metropolises are sung praises of having gainful employments that are available for the citizens since they have a high chance of being invested by the government. Meanwhile, people in the countryside are stuck in a financial predicament and labor exploitation as they have no chance to have lucrative careers. Consequently, resettling to big cities can extricate themselves from poverty. On the other hand, the availability of services has widened the urban-rural inequality, indirectly results in urbanization. Education and health-care attainment are supplied immensely in cities due to the need for qualified human resources for the future, which is unlike to countryside where education is poorly given attention.

Nevertheless, the problem can be tackled by some steps. The most evident one is to revitalize the rural areas by investing more in infrastructures, which directly contribute to optimize rural residents' lives. In this way, they have more chances to access the amenity and better living conditions they deserve having. Additionally, the acceleration of agricultural growth significantly influences on the reduction of urbanization. It not only creates stable employment for people but also lowers the labor exploitation due to the modernization of agricultural machines the government has to supply them to make higher productivity.

Overall, to deal with urbanization, the government should develop the rural areas to reinforce the urban-rural equality since generally, the core of the migration to cities is the seek for a better quality of living conditions.

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It is always best to respond directly to the questions posed in the original prompt so that you can have an actual guideline for the writing of your essay. The most important thing to remember is this: When asked to write about reasons and solutions , that means the plural form of the singular words, you have to use 2 connected reasons and solutions. That means, the response will require you present an outline of your discussion plans. As such, you will need to indicate a clearly developed sentence response such as :

People tend to move to urban areas due to lack of rural development.This is best seen in the income difference between rural and urban areas cause the rural dwellers . The government can address these these two problems through the development of the countryside and increased payment for the farmer harvests. Both of which address the urbanization problem.

From there, you can use 2 paragraphs to discuss the related topics:

Par. 2: Urban migration is primarily caused by the lack of rural development... This lack of financial support from the government leads the farmers to move to the city, where workers are better supported by the government.

Par. 3: The government can resolve the urban movement problem by increasing the training received by provincial workers and increasing the cost of purchase on the government side for the farmer produce. Both of which will result in a better financial capacity for the farmers, thus reducing their need to move to the city.

The above presentation is a sample of how you could have addressed the topic in a manner that will achieve a better than just passing band score. Outlining the response in the paraphrase section means you will not have to keep referring to your brainstorming list while writing your essay. The direct response allows you to have a permanent discussion topic list, preventing you from over or under discussing any particular section of the presentation.
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