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CBEST essay - Give entering college students advice

okdeerpass 5 / 12 2  
May 11, 2014   #1
Topic: Some students begin college work successfully. They do well in their classes, they consider themselves "on track", and they are confident. Others do not do well. They are frequently alone, they do poorly in their classes, and they lack self-esteem. What advice would you give entering college students to help them through their first semesters?[/b]

Every year, many freshmen enter college or university campus to experience a new academic world. Possessing curiosity and excitement, most of them enjoy their college life and make lots of friends who come from anywhere. However, some students do not feel confident as they enter the college and the lack of self-esteem makes them out of track on the campus. From my experiences, I would like to provide several useful advices to the freshmen for helping them be confident of first semesters.

First of all, I suggest that entering college students may join some student organizations, clubs and teams to find out partners who have similar interests or hobbies. For example, if a student cares communities or have participated in some activities, such as taking care of the elders and poor people, he or she probably would like to join a non-profit organization built by college students. The organization usually provides great opportunities to let freshmen experience some missions about assist the destitute. I believe as students help out people; at the meantime, they can feel satisfied and happiness.

Besides joining student's organizations to reinforce self-esteem, freshmen can attain more confidence by exploring academic achievements. Many students would find that college assignments are more difficult than high school's. Professors value team projects and also desire to see students voluntarily ask more questions. Therefore, my second advice to freshmen is that being actively to explore academic resources. One of the good ways is to ask upperclassmen for seeking useful subject sources. Being eager for class discussions may benefit in freshmen to gain courage and respect. Students can also organize own study groups to find partners, which may allow them learn faster and easier.

Third, it is essential for entering college students to build up good relationships on college campus. There would be no doubt that if students follow above suggestions, they should have joyful life with peers. But, if it still happens some serious problems to freshmen, a good solution is to find student advisors or student service center. They should have many approaches to provide students professional assistance.

In a conclusion, I think freshmen should open their minds to accept a new campus life. For supporting their self-esteem, they could join students clubs, organizations and participate various activities. Also, though academic exploration, they could focus on subject projects and increase their academic achievements. The campus student's advisors and related institutes would be a good place to gain more help.

Nguyen Cong 2 / 4  
May 12, 2014   #2
I think this essay's quite coherent. Your writing's very good.
OP okdeerpass 5 / 12 2  
May 13, 2014   #3
Hi Nguyen Cong,

Thank you for your comment. I think I still need more improvemenst when writing my essay.


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