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(CBEST)- A sharp increases in the minimum wage or no

nguyenqn 1 / -  
Jun 18, 2018   #1

more money for low income earners?

A sharp increase in the minimum wage or keep the the minimum wage
Many people agree about increasing minimum wage for them to support their family and keep up with the cost of living, while many people disagrees about increasing minimum wage. They want to keep a right amount of minimum wage instead of a sharp increases in the minimum wage. I strongly disagree with the sharp increase in the minimum wage because the increases of the minimum wage will make the consumer goods to be higher, companies will reduced the working hours, and increase the unemployment rate.

One of the disadvantages is increase in the consumer goods. The fast-food restaurants will increase the prices because they have to raise the wage of their employees. For example, a donut used to cost $0.50 each, but after the sharp increase of the minimum wage a donut will cost about $2.00. In other words, a donut will costs more after the sharp increase. The increase of the minimum wage will make the consumer goods to be higher.

Another disadvantage is employees will work less hours than before. The companies will cut back the hours on employees in order for them to have enough salary to pay the employees. A lot of employees is struggling to pay bills and afford to have a nice meal on their table because they don't have enough salary to pay for their necessary after been working less hours.

Additionally, the unemployment rate will get higher each day. Some companies couldn't afford to pay for their employees because the minimum wage is too high. Therefore, they have to fire the employees that have no skills or experience. The unskilled employees will get fired by the companies which make the unemployment rate to increase.

After all, I believe that the sharp increase of minimum wage will not be a good reason to support a family and keep up with the cost of living because it will have many problems after the sharp increase of the minimum wage.
cherny 4 / 8 1  
Jun 19, 2018   #2
... increase of price in consumer goods .
fast-food restaurants. no "The" because it does not refer to specific fast-food restaurant
hoanghadhtm 1 / 1  
Jun 19, 2018   #3
... wage will make the cost of goods be higher, working hours of employees decrease, and the unemployment rate increase.

... is increasing in the price of goods.
... In other words, the cost of one donut will be higher after the increasing minimum wage. The increase of ... to be higher.

Another disadvantage is that employees ...
... on employees in order to have enough salary to pay salary. A lot of employees will have to struggle to pay expenses because their salary is too low after the decrease in working hours.

... the employees who have ...; as a result, there are big number of people being unemployed. The low-quality employees will get fired ...

After all, I believe that the governments should not increase minimum wage because of its cos. However, they can improve citizens' income by making more employment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,529 3444  
Jun 20, 2018   #4
Queenie, your approach to this essay is too simple for a CBEST essay. The way you wrote it only qualifies you as an IELTS test taker. Not a California Best Education Skills taker. There needs to be a deeper sense of logical analysis of the given prompt on your part. Your reasoning needs to be better presented. Threshed out in a manner that looks at both sides of one argument. The pros and the cons of your subject sentence must be looked into, with an explanation of why the cons do not outweigh the pros in the given scenario.

As a CBEST exam taker, you need to be able to present an almost college level type of writing. One that does not use shallow reasoning such as the price of donuts, using made up computational parameters. The test requires analyzed information based on public reasoning. So instead of donuts, use the price of gasoline, groceries, or utilities instead. Something that shows a sense of maturity and responsibility on your part that helps to drive home the point that you not only understand what the problem is about, but that you are also affected by it. Think like a teacher trying to get a message across to your students in a written form. That is the best way to approach this test since it is a qualifying exam for California based educators.

The opinion will be best served by using personal ramifications as this creates a deeper understanding and analysis of the prompt you were provided. While the comparison discussion is required in this instance, you still need to balance the discussion in terms of portraying to personal opinion. So you could present the public opinion as the con side and your personal side as the pro side.

In the end, the best way for you to learn how to approach the writing of these essays would be for you to read the examples at this forum. Learn from their mistakes and apply the advice given to the other exam takers towards the improvement of your own writing. That should help to speed up your learning process.

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