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CBEST: Someone unforgettable (Dinesh)

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Jun 9, 2011   #1
Write about an unforgettable person whom you have encountered in your life? What made him or her special? How did their life impact you in appositive or negative ways?

Here is my essay... please provide your feedback... Thanks!

I am sure everyone has come across someone special, someone unforgettable, someone who has changed their attitude towards life. For me, it is Dinesh - one of my friend who fought bravely with a deadly disease till the last breath of his life. A disease that was slowly, painfully and cruelly taking him away from his loved ones, but one, which could not defeat his courage, determination and hope.

I met Dinesh, fondly called as Dino by all his friends in 2001. He was a smart looking, handsome, jovial guy with a good sense of humor. Soon we became good friends. He went to India and got married in 2005 and just after couple of days of his marriage, he received the scariest news of his life. His doctor told him he was suffering from a type of lymph node cancer, a very rare of a kind, which is incurable even in today's advance medical science.

I met him again after couple of months in United States. I didn't notice any change in his appearance or behavior. He seemed normal and happy as always. He never told us or gave us a hint that he was suffering from such a major disease. We came to know about his illness when it started taking a toll on his body. We were shocked, but also amazed with how bravely he was fighting with it.

He started losing hair due to Chemotherapy, which was part of his treatment. His right arm always remains swollen making it difficult for him to lift his arm even to eat. Cancer gradually and slowly took control over his physical abilities. But one thing it could not control was his determination to fight against it. He became stronger and more courageous than ever. He was the only caretaker of his parents and six other members of his family. In spite of knowing that he is the only bread earner for his family, he always carried a smile on his face with no complaints and regrets, thanking God for what he got and had achieved in his life.

Whenever I face with tough situations in life, I remember Dino. It gives me strength and courage to fight and believe that everything will be fine. I pray to God, may his soul rest in peace. Amen.

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