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Being a celebrity surely has some benefits but it also puts their lives in danger or other troubles

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Sep 23, 2014   #1
It is commonly believed that successful personalities, for instance, popular actor or actresses or sportsmen, experience positive and negative aspects of success in their lives. Their successful careers may bring more happiness along with some troubles, so I believe that this subject has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it will be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, people, who are well known in theatre and sports industries, have enormous business opportunities to make money in their lives. They can bring money into their pocket in number of ways, for example, they are often contacted by advertising companies to promote their new products such as garments, smartphones, TV, computers and many more things which are generally used in people's daily lives. Also, celebrities host TV programmes and are paid by the organisers of broadcasting companies. Three are the ways in which they make money in bulk, and it ultimately helps them to have a luxurious lives.

On the other hand, there are number of disadvantages of being a famous person. For instance, popular celebrities need to be very cautious before commenting on social or religious issues, because if they put forward their opinions inappropriately, it may then outrage people who are directly linked to that issue. Adding more salt to injury, film stars and sportsmen are often threatened or abducted by gangsters or mafia to blackmail their family members, so security is also one of main concerns for them.

After analysing all these points, it is believed that being a celebrity of course has some benefits but it also puts their lives in danger or other troubles.

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Sep 24, 2014   #2
jagsparrow, your ideas are good, it just needs to be expressed in a better way. I made some suggestions regarding those problems below for your consideration :-)

- Celebrities have... They make obscene amounts of money through product endorsements, their own line of products, and their professional work as actors, athletes, businessmen, and the like. They are paid millions of dollars because of who they are and what they represent, the luxurious life. They translate their endorsements and the money they earn into their enviable lifestyle that brings them seemingly unending happiness and contentment. That is where the problems for them also lies.

- Your first statement should be only contradicted in your second statement. That is your opposing view. Remember, money is what makes them happy, so money is also what will bring them more problems and eventual unhappiness. I am making a suggestion for the proper follow up statement below:

- Celebrities have also been known to spend money as fast as they can earn it because of their extremely expensive lifestyles. So they do not always have money saved up for the day when their career wanes and nobody wants them for their movies or endorsements anymore. They go back to being a nobody with nothing to show for all their hard word. This becomes a problem for them as they begin to deal with real life problems such as debt management and lack of insurance or savings.

Then you can conclude the essay this way:

Celebrities live the lifestyle we can only dream of. But they also have the problems we would never want to have when the ride is over for them. It is for the aforementioned reasons that I believe that being a celebrity has equal benefits and problems for the person.
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Sep 24, 2014   #3
Thank you so much! I will try my best to work on this.

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