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Central authorities or teacher choose education program

sunny21 1 / 1  
Sep 10, 2022   #1

who is responsible for choosing education program for children

While some people argue that central authorities should decide the subjects that children are taught at schools, others think that teachers should be responsible to choose the program. This essay will discuss both points of view and give my personal opinion.

On the one hand, central authorities should decide school subjects because of the following reasons. First of all, the government takes responsibility for guaranteeing the quality of the national education system. They can compare the programs of various schools and know deeply the strength and weaknesses each of education program. Therefore, they can decide on the standard of education levels and opt the effective programs.

Secondly, the government has broad knowledge and experience in many different fields. Then they can decide the suitable curriculum to help students improve their knowledge and skills. In addition, the government has a high awareness of society's requirements, so that they can opt for the subjects of each education level to help students have great abilities in their future careers.

On the other hand, teachers should be responsible to decide the curriculum. First of all, teachers have numerous experience in teaching students. They understand deeply what subjects are helpful for students. Teachers can sensibly arrange the order of the lessons in a subject and give useful advice to put what lessons suitably each level. They also can upgrade fast new methods or new information in teaching so that they know how to help students learn better. As a result, they tend to determine education materials based on student's favorite. Furthermore, if students are allowed to choose their favorite subjects, they will have much motivation to study. They will have more chance to enhance their strengths.

In conclusion, both central authorities and teachers play an important role in opting for national education programs. In my opinion, central authorities should hold varied seminars between the government and teachers to select the best contributing opinions. Then, the government gives the sample program and opens the feedback from teachers before they decide official program. In addition, during using an educational system, they have to manage closely and upgrade it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,204 4317  
Sep 11, 2022   #2
The topic restatement is well presented. It clearly separates the 2 public opinions in the presentation. However, the writer has not clearly presented his opinion in the appropriate sentence. The writer's opinion should clearly indicate which of the 2 topics he supports or, if he has a totally different opinion from what has been presented. This is the final preliminary TA score consideration that establishes the required opinion clarity.

A problem arose with the discussion presentations. Since the writer is tested on his grammar accuracy, there is an expectation that he would know how to use pronouns to differentiate his personal opinion from the public opinion. The use of 3rd person pronouns in this essay is incorrect as it does not reflect a public opinion but rather, a reference to a plural subject (government). Pronouns should have been used to refer to the opinion source as the explanation basis instead.

Now, this essay is facing a failing score due to a missing summary conclusion. By integrating his personal opinion into the conclusion, he created an open ended discussion. The result of which is an automatic failing score. The personal opinion should either be integrated into the public opinion assessment or, as a stand alone 3rd reasoning paragraph.
OP sunny21 1 / 1  
Sep 11, 2022   #3
I really appreciate the comments on the whole article, especially the ending, thank you very much! I will rewrite this post.

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