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how my writing has changed - my self-evaluation essay

Oct 26, 2008   #1
This is my self-evaluation letter. I am going to explain how my writing has changed since my first day of class to my last essay. I am also going to explain some of my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and how I have improved my writing also about some goals that I have in able to be better in writing essays.

Before I got into Eng107 I had been writing a lot of paragraphs. However I knew how to write an essay, but my strengths were and are limited. My midterm essay was much better than my others, it was organize and it explained all the steps as shown in the introduction. On the other hand, my first and second essays were choppy and disorganized. I think this happened because I tried to make them longer, so I missed some organization points.

I have some strength as a writer. Such as; I can write longer and my vocabulary is improving. I always try to use transition words in my paragraphs and essays. Even though I try my best sometimes it isn't enough. And unfortunately that is why I can't succeed in getting my point across clearly. I have a lot of weaknesses, some of them I know are because my first language is Spanish and it can be difficult understanding English. I also find it quite frustrating when I have a lot of spelling problems and when I can't close an essay correctly.

I have been learning a lot on this first half of the semester. Starting with this essay I have learned how to self evaluate my work from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, what plan to do for self improvement is, I will take time to read my essays more and ask for the opinion of my classmates , teacher and other people that will be able to help me revise and evaluate myself as well. Lastly as I have been doing I will keep trying my best and giving it all I got to be able to succeed writing essays not just in class but in the future as well.

You have a good self-evaluation here. You examine your strengths and weaknesses, and are very honest about both. You have a good plan for the future and show determination. Very nice work.

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