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Today, TV channels show more men's sports than women's sports. Why is this the case?

vananhpivi 1 / -  
Mar 17, 2022   #1

Today, TV channels show more men's sports than women's sports.

Why is this the case? Should TV channels give equal time for women's sport and men's sport?

There is no doubt that sports have always been one of the favorite channels among viewers. As of late, it is arguably said that TV often broadcasts male sports more than women's ones. There are a few reasons behind this phenomenon. However, I am of the belief that TV channels should allot equal time for both genders.

It is understandable why TV channels are much favourable to male sports. Obviously, the appearance of men is physically stronger than women and their competitive spirit is more fiercely aggressive, which makes them look more attractive, drawing significant viewerships than females as a result. In addition to the physical advantages, organizations lean towards investing in men's sports instead of women's. Therefore, they get more chances to show up on TV. Football is the case in point. Regardless of the equal participation of both genders, the tournaments included males always attract viewers more than their counterparts.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that TV channels should strike a balance between the broadcast time for women and men. Their involvements not only encourage other females to engage in sports but also creates sexual equality. Apart from this, females today compete as fiercely as males during playing sports, which is reinforced by the number of victories that they gained in the past. Last but not least, females could also acquire lucrative income based on advertisements that stem from the intense of TV appearances.

To conclude, the advantages of physic and the priority from organizations are two driving factors behind the regular intensity of men's sports. However, I would contend that it is necessarily important to be dedicated the same time to females as their counterparts due to proposed justifications.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,562 4442  
Mar 17, 2022   #2
There are times when a restatement requires 2 sentences, there are times when it needs 3 sentences in the presentation. The common denominator for both is that the first sentence never indicates any sort of personal opinion from the writer. The first sentence in this paragraph does exactly that, reducing the accuracy of the restatement and the possible points awarded for that section due to information inaccuracy.

The question response is also incomplete as no reasons for the occurence were provided. so the personal opinion presentation can only recieve a partial score as well. Where there are 2 questions presented, 2 responses must be provided in the forum of the thesis statement.

The discussion paragraphs and concluding summary are up to the task and will receive proper scores. It is the weakness of the first paragraph that will reduce the overall score.

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