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(chart) Leisure activity in different ages, IELTS Task 1

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Apr 1, 2011   #1
Hi Guys
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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The table shows how the people of Someland in different age groups spent their spare time during a year. It is clearly seen that two extreme age groups, teenagers and those over 70s, spent most of their time watching TV or videos, while the physical activities are almost zero on those over 60s.

It can be seen that some activities such as watching TV had a bimodal pattern in different age groups. Teens spent almost 1200 hr/yr of their time in front of silver screen, after that the TV lost its popularity in following age groups and reached in its lowest level in those in their 30s with around 400 hr/yr. Furthermore, it started to increase to about 110 hr/yr in those on their 70s.

Moreover, those in their 30s and 40s in comparison with other age groups liked to socialise a better time with small groups of the their friends. A practice which is more popular with bigger groups in younger ages, teenagers and those in their 20s, respectively.

As far as the physical activities are concerned, it was more popular at age groups who feel younger and more energetic.

In conclusion, people of Someland spent their leisure time regarding to their age.
Youngsters had more social and physical activities, however those in advanced age preferred to spend their time in sedentary and smaller size groups.

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Apr 2, 2011   #2

I think you need mention the value of "0" in Group sport as they are minimals.
Besides, there are two downward trends in the time spent on Cinema and Group sport, which need be refered.
Lastly, people in their 20s and 30s tend to Socialise with 4 or less and exercise individually, in contrast, they spend less time Socialising with 4 or more people.

Just personal opinions.

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