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The chart below shows the Japan's population by different age groups 1960-2040

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Sep 3, 2021   #1

Japanese population rate

The line chart above demonstrates a shift in the Japanese population rate by three various age classifications over a course of 60 years starting from 1960 and the demographic projections for the year 2040.

Generally, we can see clearly that the two groups of pre-teen and teenager, which were illustrated by yellow line and red line had witnessed a downward trend including future predictions. By contrast, people who belong to the elderly group was an upward trend compared with the other two groups.

According to the given data, in 1960, the proportion of the youngest was around 30 percent. In 1970, the percentage of them rose slightly by 5%. However, within 50 years from 1970, the young group's major trend was decreased. This figure is calculated to drop about 13% by 2030, and will make up 10% of Japan's total inhabitants in 2040. The number of the middle age follows a somewhat similar pattern, which started at 30% in 1960 and this figure is estimated to fall considerably, however, in 2040 it will grow roughly 5 percent.

Otherwise, the number of the senior citizens remained to rise stably over the 60-year period and which forecast will increase in the future.
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The line chart above

I do not see any. Do not refer to an image location as you are required to use descriptive means for the content presentation in the summary overview. Assume no image is provided to the reader.

three various age classifications

Which are? The data presentation is incomplete.

yellow line and red line

Which color code refers to what? If mentioned in order, end by saying " respectively ". Be precise. Be clear.


This extra statement is not required. The image does not contain enough data to warrant a 4th presentation. This does not provide the required 3-5 sentences as a paragraph representation. If this was meant as a conclusion, please be advised that a Task 1 essay does not require it as this is a report rather than opinion essay.

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