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IELTS - task 1 The charts below give information on the ages of the population of Yemen and Italy

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Apr 23, 2020   #1

Summarize information from the charts

The pie charts indicate the percentage among age groups of the residents of Yemen and Italy in 2000 and the estimate of both countries for 2050.
Overall it is clear that they divide ages into three groups include people under 14 years, 15 to 59 years and more than 60 years. The group of 15 to 59 years mostly account for a relatively large number of populations.

Looking at the pie charts in 2000 closely, one can see that the majority of population in Yemen was under 14 years with 50.1%, next to it was the group between 15 and 59 years has 46.3%. While most of the population in Italy was from 15 to 59 years with 61.6%, next to it was over 60 years with 24.1%. By contrast, the smallest proportion of population in Yemen was people over 60 years only 3.6%, whereas people under 14 years accounts for the least percentage in Italy with 14.3%.

According to the projections for 2050, it is clear that an upward trend is seen in the group between 15 and 59 years in Yemen, which will get the highest percentage from 46.3% to 57.3%. On the other hand, the group under 14 years will decrease to 37.0%, finally the group over 60 years will be the smallest population in Yemen with 5.7%. However, after 50 years, Italy still keep the majority of population, which will be the group between 15 and 59 years with 46.2%. In addition, people who over 60 years will rise heavily from 24.1% to 42.3% and next to it will be under 14 years, decrease moderately to 11.5%

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,846 4177  
Apr 23, 2020   #2
This is a 20 minute task. It requires a summarized discussion of the given data. That should be completed within 175-200 words. You wrote 270 words. Which is the equivalent of a Task 2 essay requirement. You should not be writing this many words for a task 1 essay. You merely have to summarize the information and give comparison points where relevant. You don't have to write the length an opinion paper for it. Simply writing 5 sentence per paragraph, within 4 paragraphs would have been more than sufficient for this task. You would have run out of time to complete your Task 2 essay at the rate that you focused too much on the Task 1 essay presentation. You would have failed to complete the task 2 essay on time.

Even with the over writing, you still failed to present a complete summary overview. You failed to mention that there were 4 pie charts presented, 2 for each year indicated. When you wrote the trending statement at the end, you neglected to mention that this was the trend for both years. In your current presentation, there is a lack of clarity regarding where the information applies to.

Since you are the one reviewing the data, you need not use filler phrases like; "one can see that..." Just go directly to the data presentation. These phrase and word fillers are the reason why you wrote the equivalent of an opinion essay in what was supposed to be a data summary report. You neglected to take into account that your audience will not want to read rambling reports as these are professors, lecturers, and professionals. Your audience requires short but informative summary data presentations. Always, always consider the audience you are writing for when tackling a task 1 essay so that you will not end up with a needlessly wordy essay.

The rules for writing a task 1 essay are simple, clear, and easy to follow. Keep it short but informative. Stick to a direct data presentation with no opinions coming from you. Just enumerate the data as seen. Be concise. This is not an opinion essay.

Good work with the report though. It is clear and informative. If only you could do the same thing in a shorter manner, the report would have been great.

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