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[IELTS WRITING TASK 1] The charts below show the most popular films by genre for men and women

hanhnguyennn 1 / -  
Nov 11, 2021   #1

summarise the information - the pie and the bar chart

The given bar chart depicts the ratio of the most expected films based on types for men and women, and the pie chart indicates the number of ticket sales for each type in the USA, in 2010.

Overall, it can be seen that from the bar chart, for men, action films were the most popular while romantic comedies films were the best choice for women. From the pie chart, action films accounted for nearly 50 percent of ticket sales, only five percent being other types not listed in the chart.

In detail, as regards action films, 40 percent of men said they like this, while only 25 percent of women supposed that they enjoyed action types. By contrast, six times as many women liking romantic comedies as men, at 30 percent and five percent respectively. The number of men and women who liked comedies and western films was equal, at 20 percent and ten percent. Fifteen percent of men were interested in the thriller, whereas only ten percent of women liked this. In science fiction films, the number of men who liked this type was twice higher than the number of women, at ten and five percent in turn.

Looking at the pie chart, action films sold the most tickets, at 40 percent, making it significantly more common than comedies, at 24 percent. Romantic comedies came next, at 12 percent, while thriller was slightly less popular at ten percent. Bottom of the list was other types of films with only five percent of ticket sales.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 12, 2021   #2
Every sentence should contain only one idea or 2 related ideas. When faced with 2 images of differing content / descriptive subjects, the writer should present each image and its related subject seperately. That means, the summary should have 2 seperate description sentences rather than just 1. Do this for clarity purposes. The sentence structure for the image insuction should not be used or repeated in the exam takers version. It is not to be used as a template in the test presentation.

For the trending statement, the implied measurements should be mentioned. Actual data measurements should be saved for the actual report. So, the presentation for the first image is right but, the second image is incorrect as it mentions actual data already.

In the actual report, the writer should use a uniform numerical data presentation. If you start with numbers then use that throughout. That would be ideal since it makes the report easier and faster to read. It is not recommended that you spell out the numbers for speed and writing accuracy.

The report is acceptable out can use some formatting changes. The clarity score will be helped if my suggestions are applied by the exam taker in future essays..
aryabhaskara 3 / 5  
Nov 16, 2021   #3

you can use another vocabulary to explain film types. such as genre, category, etc

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