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CHCI essay: ss an issue,its effects,and possible solution

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Apr 26, 2012   #1
"Hey, Jose can you help me with this problem I don't understand the process of getting the solution?" "Claro que si, Yessenia come over here so I can explain to you the steps that need to be done". At times when I don't understand the problems in algebra 2 class I ask for help to get things done. Jose is a very intelligent young man with a full life ahead of him with dreams to make true.

When we talked about our childhood and he said he came to the United States at a young age, I then realized he wasn't born here and that his future plans would be difficult to achieve with not having a social security being an obstacle. Knowing this I imagined how hard things would be for him be to become a business owner of his dad's auto glass company and also expand it or at the dealership that where we would buy our cars from.

He has worked putting glass on vehicles ever since he learned and was able to; he does this to help out his family with the money needed to keep the house up. But now having the legal age to get a job he is having trouble, because many places require a social security. He also enjoys working on cars, and listening to the motor running smoothly. Being a fanatic of cars and loving to customize them I see him having a great curiosity making the car unique.

Holding a large amount of potential, having the hunger to accomplish great things, and with the support of all his friends I believe everything is possible for him to accomplish. Unfortunately this is not enough, because our government has its own requirements to become a business owner with a degree in the various courses to be studied in universities. I hope the government passes a law to allow undocumented students to obtain a higher education and exercise their knowledge and experience in the vocation. This will not only give them the opportunity to work here, but also make a better place for everyone. I would enjoy in the coming years to see my friends and me with our degree in hand, having a good time reunited after our time of studies at a university.

Home / Writing Feedback / CHCI essay: ss an issue,its effects,and possible solution
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