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does cheap air travel damage the environment

LIGE 2 / 2  
Oct 10, 2012   #1
Nowadays people have different views regarding the availability of cheap air flights. Even though, it has many advantages some people argue that it damages the environment. However I am of firm opinion that it cause pollution and consumes a lot of fuel.

Firstly it is obvious that cheap air flight cause pollution to the environment. Indeed, it emits a large amount of carbon dioxide and cause noise pollution. This is because cheap rate for air flight encourages more people to choose it as a mode of travel .For example an air flight can cause the pollution that of an ordinary vehicle that cause within one month. As a result it not only cause air pollution to the environment but also cause noise pollution. Thereby, it is clear that the cheap air flight affect the environment adversely

Secondly it is evident that air flight consumes a large amount of fuels .in fact cheap air flight encourages more people to use flight which in turns demand for more use of fuel .The reason for this change is that cheap rate for air tickets. For example more usage of flight consumes more fuel which will leads to of fuels. This undeniably make the world into crisis .Therefore the cheap air flight should not be encouraged which cause damage to the world

To conclude, the rate ticket rate should not be reduced as it causes damage to both environment and the people. So it is often presumed that the proper utilization of air travel reduces the damage to the environment.
alfredeie 2 / 2  
Nov 1, 2012   #2
Your way of description is good . Straight to the point. I like your way of description and how you take the cover part.

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