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How to Cheat on The Exam - Process Analysis essay

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Apr 23, 2008   #1
Hi EF_Team

Millions thanks for helping last time, Sarah. I got an A for that essay after following your advices.

Now is a new topic that I have to turn in on Friday (You see? My teacher is easy but she alway gives us too much homework with too little time to finish) :(

Can you help me to revise this one? And give me some suggestions to write the conclusion?

Thank you :)

How to Cheat on The Exam

Cheating on the examination is one of the most risky things that you could do during your high school's years. However, its reward is sometimes remarkable, especially when you have several exams in one day or have to face the hardest exam of the year. Even though there are many methods to become a professional-examination cheater, including technology and expensive tools applied in cheating process, you should firstly master the classic method if you have never cheated before. There are three main factors to create a classic cheater; they are mood, eye-sight, and technique. If you listen closely and follow correctly, you will have higher percentage to succeed and survive.

Your mood while taking the exam is one of the most important elements. If you step in the classroom with bad feelings, a worrying face, and sweating profusely - that's it, you are done. Your exam supervisors will notice when they see a worried look on your face, and trembling hands when you receive the exam sheet. Then, they will put eighty percent or more of their focus on you. Believe me! They have a lot experience of detecting a cheater like you. However, if you have confidence stepping inside classroom with neat clothes and bright face, they may think of you as a good student who is too confident to get the highest grade in that exam. That is how you create your own safety zone among your enemies.

The second important element is your eye-sight. Actually, while taking exam, all cheaters need to watch their supervisors even though how scary they are (Or ugly - if you like). But that might be the worst mistake if your supervisors notice you looking at them. They will wonder why you look at them so often, or they may think you like them. Anyway, they will pay back and look at you as much as you do. That's it. You have no chance to make a move. The tip here is try to avoid watching your supervisor too much, but does not forget to know where they are. You can try to look like a thinker, staring up and putting the chin on your hand, looking somewhere near the supervisors, and making sure they are still in your peripheral vision. That is enough to know where your enemies are and what they are doing. You should use your ears more than your eyes because hearing and listening work just as well to detect your supervisors' positions. Moreover, your sense of hearing will be very sensitive in exam time. Do not look at them when they are approaching you within a specific range - mine is five feet, or you will raise their suspicious level. If you remember and apply correctly the rules above, you can ensure that it will be almost impossible for them to detect you.

After getting enough confidence and keeping low suspicious level, now you can start to do the job. Everything that you can bring to your classroom now becomes your best friends; erasers, rulers, pens, pencils, or even your watch can be good places to hide your cheat sheets. You should prepare them at home. The text should be very small and neat, but still readable. Then, fold them into small pieces and put them into your pens, pencils, or under you watch, and use them when you are in safety zone of the classroom. Now are your erasers and rulers. You should choose metal rulers with smooth face, and then write your cheat on the erasers and on one face of the rulers. Do not write on both faces because you can hide your cheat by facing the cheating side down. If you feel they are not enough, you may use your hand's palms or any where else on your body as a secretly hidden place - Some girls wear skirts and they make the other side of their skirts full of text. Hand's palms are one of the most useful places to put the years - if you are in history exam, or the equations - if you are in physics, chemistry, or mathematics exam, because they are safe and easy to use - face them up to use and face them down to hide. Lastly, make sure you bring all of your best friends to your table and use them wisely.

(working on the conclusion)

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Apr 23, 2008   #2
Good afternoon! I can tell that you are dedicated to your studies, and are working hard to please your teacher; be patient with her, she only pushes you because she knows you can handle it! This essay shows you can!

Suggestions for conclusions:
Use your disclaimer as a basis for your conclusion. How about starting the last paragraph with something like, "Use the suggestions I have made here wisely..." or "These tips only are successful if they are followed to the letter. Make sure you follow them closely to ensure you become a master of the classic cheating method." Something such as this may work particularly well because it ties everything up nicely to your beginning statement.

While I cannot condone cheating, I enjoyed reading your essay, and I do appreciate your ingenuity. Keep up the good writing!

Moderator, EssayForum.com
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Apr 23, 2008   #3
Wow ... my essay has changed its color :(

Lol ... thank you Gloria for your revision and your suggestions. Hmm I will try to work harder to keep my essay in "black" next time :D ... Thax again ;)

Ah by the way. It looks like today is your 1st day here. Thumb up for the new Mod :D
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Apr 23, 2008   #4
See, next time you'll have WAY less red, it's just inevitable because you're dedicated! Honestly, red is just what I'm used to, so don't take it personally :D

Thank you for such a warm welcoming! Keep up the great work!
OP macho 3 / 5  
Apr 23, 2008   #5
hmm "red" ... I just wonder - Are you a teacher?

Because red reminds me of my high school teachers :) ... my College professors use many colors instead of red :D

By the way, just answer if you are free :D ... if not, never mind

Welcome New Mod . and Good Bye Sarah :(
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Apr 24, 2008   #6
Yes, I am in the professional academic field.

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