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How Child Trauma Can Cause Trauma Aging

Aris05 31 / 24 1  
Oct 4, 2016   #1
Nowadays, the number of people talks about the aging and it is sensitive matter for most of them. However, no one discusses about telomere which has a significant contribution in the aging process. Telomere is a part of chromosome which contains protein. It pertains to our ages as the growth of telomere is going to reduce in the long run. The expansion of telomere is affected by environmental condition and stress. A recent study outlines that bad experiences of childhood are able to disturb telomere growth causing premature aging, while other studies showed that the economical problems interfere the telomere growth in both childhood and adulthood. In addition, horrible experience in social life also retard 8 percent of telomere development in childhood and it is able to increase to 11 % when someone has been adult. Most of the time, children do not want to tell their stress having been experienced. Thus, it may be able to change their gene expression permanently.
rosadesiana 38 / 40 2  
Oct 10, 2016   #2
Hello, here is my suggestion

the number of people ==> A number ( people are not explained yet )
it is sensitive matter for most of them(it always becomes a sensitive matter) ==>my suggestion
contribution inTO the aging process
horrible experience in social life alsoretardS
when someone has been adult (at the time he grows) ==> my suggestions

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